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Other Miscellaneous Accessories

Bell and Ross Humidor.jpg

For some, cigars and watches are an inseparable duo.

Arturo Fuente King Power Humidor.PNG

Watch companies continue to match their brands with cigar brands.


Considered one of the pioneers of Pop-Art, Mel Ramos has also worked on cigars.


A special cigar, special chocolate and lastly a private club.

Puro Pick Paket.jpg

KS Accessories

Handcrafted, eye-catching cigar accessories originating from the blue waters of the Aegean.


This cigar is not smoked, but eaten. Real gold chocolate is a good idea as a gift.

logo lb.png

While smoking cigars indoors, nobody will be able to tell you about the smell anymore.


An accessory developed for both tasting and matching.

Purolu Matara 2.jfif

This flask is perfect for both thirst and cigar pleasure.

xikar mum.jpg

Smoking cigars indoors will no longer cause disturbance to those around.


Cigar chocolates are a sweet alternative to smoking cigars.


How about evaluating your empty cigar boxes and gaining a new hobby?


The glasses are shaped in order to keep your cigar and your drink in the same place at the same time.


Perhaps a bit inconvenient but enjoyable way of burning cigars is cedar trash.


Artisan Leaf uses tobacco leaves for accessories, not for wrapping cigars.

full chair.jpg

Although there are private TV chairs, why not a special seat for smoking cigars?


A practical method for extra empty rings to attach to your cigars, for information such as price, year, place of purchase.

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