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We are all MacGyver

I'm sure anyone who spent their childhood or teen years in the 90s remembers the famous series MacGyver. The series, starring Richard Dean Anderson, was the genre that at the end of each episode gave us the impression that we could build a tank or plane out of nothing, using almost only a Swiss army knife. Which one of us did not produce bombs or different devices out of wires, cables, various parts by caring for Richard brother in those years.

This time, I decided to tell you how to get a humidor out of nothing in the spirit of MacGyver. This is a topic that has been investigated and investigated in forums on the Internet, especially by those who are just starting to smoke and do not want to spend a lot of money on a humidor from the very beginning. I would like to share the information I have compiled from several different sources for the followers who follow and ask the blog.

Although a real humidor is the best option both in terms of decoration and in terms of storing your cigar, it is actually just a box. The only difference is that they provide the appropriate air for your cigars and keep them stable. So this is the point we will base on when we build a humidor ourselves. Therefore, it is important that our box, which we will choose as the first step, is new, clean, does not give off any odor or is affected by odor, does not deteriorate when moisture is seen and does not mix the air inside with the outside air too much. Our box can be glass, acrylic or plastic.

Examples of boxes you can use: Storage container or portable refrigerator

After choosing our box, it remains to set up the mechanism that will provide us with the appropriate conditions, especially the appropriate humidity (69-71%). Again, based on the materials in the market, if we look at our options, first and simplest, we come across sponge and similar materials. While this may be the simplest natural sponge provided that it is clean and new, it can also be the green colored artificial sponges that are generally used in florists, have a firmer texture, absorb more water and do not drain too much. An important point will be that the sponges provide passive and unidirectional moisturizing and our sponges will need to be renewed for a period of 6-12 months.

As a second option, there are crystal gel moisturizers that we come across quite often in cigar accessory shops these days. These gels, which can be used with pure water or special solutions, can provide a constant moisture rate for a longer time compared to sponges. This allows us to see them as a more reliable and comfortable option to maintain. Once the crystals begin to appear one by one, it needs to be filled with water or solution again. It will be correct to renew crystals with a usage time of 1-2 years as they will gradually lose their functions after this period. It is possible to procure them from brands such as Xikar and Cigar Caddy.

Another option is small balls of moisture made of silica gel. Of course they are sold separately, but in order to understand what they are, we can remember them as little balls that come out of any new product we bought in paper bags. These balls, which have a lifespan of 3-4 years, make passive and bi-directional moisturizing. In other words, they can deliver moisture as well as absorb excess unwanted moisture back into their bodies. Of course, when using them, we need to be careful about adjusting the numbers according to the size of our box. You can get this amount as 455g silica gel balls for each 140 cubic centimeter box (humidor). Whenever the balls start to turn dull, then it's time to fill up with pure water.

As another option, if you say I cannot deal with the above and you have a possibility to find Boveda, you can choose a Boveda according to your preferred humidity and place it in your box.

Except for Boveda, I would like to remind you once again that you should not use water other than pure water for all the above methods.

As the last step, you need to have a hygrometer inside your new humidor so that you can make continuous monitoring. You have to make sure that these devices, which you have two options as digital or analog, are absolutely calibrated before using them. Those thinking about how to do it can take a look at my previous article on this topic.

By paying attention to the details above, you can set up your own simple humidor almost anytime and anywhere in the spirit of MacGyver. Even if you do not use it continuously, it will definitely manage you and your cigars for a certain period of time.

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