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Tommy Bahama Cigar Accessories

Legend is this, Tommy Bahama, the incarnation of tropical island life with his charm, wit and permanent bronze skin. He is an indomitable traveler who knows nine of them like his native language and just as much as he can flirt. He was once even seen catching a 90-pound yellowfin tuna with just a coconut shell, broken sunglasses, and the tip of his bathing suit.

Of course I said this is a legend, but exactly as the brand is mentioned on its website. If we talk about the fact that the work is given on the site again, Tommy Bahama is a brand that started with only a t-shirt and continues its life today as a women's / men's clothing, household goods, furniture and restaurant chain. All of them have been created to highlight the island life. As you browse their website on the Internet, you really feel as if you are traveling on a tropical island with Tommy Bahama. It has become a brand that they fully reflect the style they want, warm weather, beach, tropical trees… It feels like they are all right next to you.

Of course, while spending time on the site, it is not impossible to think of reaching out to those beaches and smoking a cigar from the Montecristo Open series, which is the choice of hot weather, under a palm.

Tommy Bahama thought about this too and offered different accessories for cigar lovers, from his lighter, to his tray, to his cover, to his humidor. Unless you actually convert them to Turkish Lira, the prices are quite reasonable compared to their equivalents. I will not list all the products one by one, but I will talk about a few remarkable products and their features.

What I like most about leather cigar cases is that each case has a carrying place for the accessory that we should keep with us - except for single and wooden cases. In fact, some of the cases are sold including punch lighter, cutter, and even cigar-thick flask that you can fill with whiskey or rum. What I find lacking is that there is no humidifier in the 4-case covers, which are classified as mildly travel humidor. It is possible to solve this with a Boveda, but another alternative to Boveda, which is not always with us, could have been created.

Another accessory that caught my attention is the ashtrays that you can use in different types individually or as a group. I am sure that the tables with eye-catching patterns or prints look very nice, especially in summer places. Especially I liked the ceramic Paradise Ashtray sold as a set. The set of 4, which you can put on top of each other like coasters and remove in its leather box, is truly original. Two cigar smokers can use each tray.

The only sold lighters and cutters were produced for Tommy Bahama by Xikar, who is very familiar to us. I think this actually gives an idea about a three-down, five-up quality understanding for both Tommy Bahama and its products.

In addition to the classic and heavy brothers in style, the accessories that create a more comfortable and different atmosphere are exactly for summer and holiday venues. But that doesn't mean you can't use it elsewhere, of course. It looks like products that we can enjoy wherever they are.

For the details of the products, you can reach the brand's website at

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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