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Do not come closer with the fire!

When I was little, he always caught my attention, the red and red "APPROACH TO FIRE" on the huge big tankers. Of course, when it comes to cigars, you might be wondering, how could it not be approached with fire? Although we are burning our cigars with fire of course, as everyone (at least everyone who follows the blog) knows, it is the best move to keep the flame of the fire away as much as possible while burning our cigar.

There are different reasons for this, but the most important thing is that the direct fire both really burns our cigar and spoils its aroma and taste while burning it. Therefore, it would be correct to keep our cigar as far from the flame as possible while using the jet lighters that are popular nowadays and give a very hot flame.

So what could be alternative sources of fire to lighters. Actually, the main topic of this article begins now. The most beautiful and actually the classiest alternative you can think of is to burn the pieces you broke from the roll or plate cedars that come out of tubo and cigar boxes. These cedar pieces - referred to as cedar spills in English - are the first choice of real aficionados because they are natural, smell nice and turn cigar-burning into a real ritual. What you call smoking cigars is not a ritual in itself?

Those who try it know, unfortunately, these cedar pieces are sometimes too short, sometimes they can be misshapen or too thin when breaking. This can cause you not to create exactly the ritual you have always hoped for. What about the remedy? For those who are tired of using lighters and want to burn their cigar like real aficionados, there are two products of the same style on the market. Pieces of cedar that differ slightly from each other in terms of shape, unlike those that come out of tubo and boxes, provide a very consistent and smooth fire.

The first to mention these are the Cigar Reserve Cedar Pieces, which are fairly recently released. This product, which has the shape of a sword made of cedar and a flame piece at the end, is perfect for creating the ritual you are looking for. After igniting this sword, which has a length of about 23cm, with any source of fire, you can heat your cigar lightly without touching the flame, as usual, and then light it. The length of the sword is more than enough for this job. Swords are sold in boxes of 25 and 50, and you can print your name or any text on the order, provided it is not too long.

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The second is Commonwealth Cedar Pieces. This is the cedar pieces with a length of about 25cm just like the one above. Like the Cigar Reserve Swords, it has a structure that expands from the ignited tip to the tip you hold. This brand, which has been on the market for a long time, has more options than the above. There are both special productions for cigar brands and a larger model decorated by a naked lady drawn by Michael Spano. It is also possible to order these products by printing your name or a different text on it.

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You can order both brands online. Of course, it is a bit expensive because of its lining. If you think that its usage areas are generally indoors and windless places, it is a product that you can use less frequently. However, it is the perfect way to light your cigar in a different and more enjoyable way instead of occasionally. Especially when it's burning, don't you have that great cedar scent, I'm sure you will use it just for it.

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