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Desktop Accessories

Puro Pick Paket.jpg

Handcrafted, eye-catching cigar accessories originating from the blue waters of the Aegean.

salamader ashtray4.jpg

This ashtray with a special form is more than just an ashtray, it is a nice ornament.


Tommy Bahama Cigar Club cigar accessories open up to people with tropical winds.


Tommy Bahama impresses with the variety of accessories that he constantly changes.



HENK cigar accessories are both creative, extraordinary and very useful.


A useful ashtray with its design that prevents the ashes from being scattered, especially in windy environments.


Unusual cigar accessories, especially produced using titanium.

logo lb.png

While smoking cigars indoors, nobody will be able to tell you about the smell anymore.

Cutter Stand.jpg

ST Dupont

ST Dupont continues its innovations with accessories that cut and stand at the same time.

xikar mum.jpg

Smoking cigars indoors will no longer cause disturbance to those around.


The anvil was used a lot by Coyote in Looney Tunes. Now we will use it.


Perhaps a bit inconvenient but enjoyable way of burning cigars is cedar trash.

Zederkoff Küllük

An ashtray that can be easily moved and used outdoors, especially in camping.


The glasses are shaped in order to keep your cigar and your drink in the same place at the same time.

cigarix instructions.jpg

Perhaps the simplest but useful cigar stand.


It was almost the only one when it first came out, now there are a variety of cigar stands available in different brands.


Artisan Leaf uses tobacco leaves for accessories, not for wrapping cigars.

XIKAR Küllük.jpg

Both daily and travel, cigar bags are everywhere now.


Brizard and Co. A brand that produces a very stylish and diverse range of cigar accessories.

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