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Siesta time!

While South America instilled the culture of cigars in the Spaniards, the Spaniards introduced the Siesta culture to these new lands, where they shared climate-depressing temperatures. In Turkish, Siesta, which we can call shortly candy, which can be called as the noon sleep, is a necessity of the body rather than laziness caused by the heavy meals eaten in hot weather. However, what I want to talk about today is not the siesta you do in this hot summer, but rather the siesta your cigar makes.

When we think about it, we all have had difficulties in finding a place to rest your cigar when you are not smoking in places where we did not have many cigar smokers in the past and therefore did not have ashtrays or other accessories for cigars, in the homes of your friends or outside in natural environments. Personally, once or twice in my friends' house, when I could not find an ashtray large or thick enough to put my cigar, if my cigar was accompanied by beer, I even twisted the cap of the bottle and put the cigar on it.

Custom Ash, a Canadian company, comes to our rescue with Cigar Siesta for such situations. As soon as I discovered it, I ordered two aluminum-colored ones you see in the picture to avoid the difficulties I mentioned above. After ten days of waiting, I received it without any accident. Coming in a plastic box with a card covered with sponge inside, containing instructions and advantages, Siesta are suitable for use with cigars of all ring thicknesses.

You can order Siesta made of aluminum used in airplanes in different colors (black, aluminum, gold plated) as well as print your name or any other text on it. At the same time, you can order your Siesta as a key chain to make it more useful and mobile.

I think your precious cigars deserve a quality siesta.

For more detailed information about Custom Ash and its products,

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