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I have read, learned: The World of the Habano

I finally got my book, whose order turned into a bit of a snake story on Friday last week. When I found a decent one among the few publications about cigars, I had to struggle to get it in my hand for a long time. Anyway, I have it now and I started reading with pleasure.

The World of the Habano, which was first published in February 2012 and translated into different languages such as German. The book was originally in three parts; the book itself, the ring thickness template and the digital version of the book is a CD. So what's in the book that comes in this stylish black cover. What is not there; From tobacco cultivation, to the winding details of cigars, from the tips of cigar smoking to the details of all Cuban brands, almost everything you want to find. Of course, these are accompanied by paintings from Cuba, factories, fields and Cuban cigars.

When the first day came, my Churchill ended when I grabbed a Churchill and began reading and studying with pleasure. As I wrote before; My advice is that if you want to get the maximum pleasure and taste from the cigars you smoke, you should definitely learn as much as you can about the cigar culture with its rich history. After all, it is not a cigarette wrapped in featureless white paper that is produced tens of times a second in the factory you hold in your hand.

Of course, I will also share this book in my blog as the time and place come, so let's manage with a few pictures I have added for now.


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