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Another new reason to travel ...

October 2017

There is not much to say to Davidoff's product range, both as a cigar and as an accessory. Finally, Davidoff has added a new humidor to its range. This new product, which appears as a travel humidor, is quite different from the usual travel humidor, in my opinion. It looks more like a bag with its texture and structure.

There are three types of humidor produced in Italy by Marcello Bottino. It is divided into humidor, Explorer, Outdoor and Business models according to the materials and colors used. The humidor, which has a soft texture and the lid is closed with strong magnets, can carry 8 cigars with different ring thicknesses. Davidoff promises that cigars will not lose any moisture with the power of the magnets and the tight closure of the lid. This accessory with dimensions of 30x31x4cm stands out with its lightness. Humidor also has two pockets to carry both cutter and cigarette lighter.

If you see this really different humidor, I would say don't go over it.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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