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Boveda Butler


About a year ago, Boveda introduced a small brown device under the name Sensor. In addition to being both a moisture meter and a heat meter, the fact that it keeps the measurements it makes in its memory and the graph can be displayed on your tablet or phone with an application made this device different from the usual humidity and heat meters. After a while, Boveda changed the name of this device to Boveda Butler (Butler) as a marketing tactic.

Kutuda Butler

Boveda Butler's box includes the Boveda calibration kit, Velcro fastener (if you want to attach the device to the humidor cover) and the user manual, next to the device itself. With such a short and concise content, it is understood that the installation is not very difficult. Boveda asks you to download the app before using Butler. As a second step, you turn on the Bluetooth of your phone or tablet and put Butler on the screen to establish its connection. Now the app can see your new device. Next, you have to run Butler through a 24-hour calibration. You do this very simply, after putting Boveda in the calibration kit, starting it with a few clicks from the application. After 24 hours, your phone will again notify you that the calibration is complete. You can start using Butler as of this moment. You can renew your device calibration whenever you want, as many times as you want. If you are going to use more than one Butler, you can calibrate in the same kit.

Paket İçeriği
Kalibrasyon Ekranı
Ayarlar Devam

As the calibration continues, you can adjust the application to your own. You can name your humidor, edit its content, and perhaps most importantly, define the settings for Butler, except for what values ​​your humidor should warn you. After calibration is over, it's time to put Butler in your humidor and enjoy it. You have the possibility to attach the Butler to the humidors either on your cigars or with Velcro straps. It drew my attention that they do not use magnets, because in most humidors there are either magnets or metal plates on their lids to attach such devices. Although I did not read a statement in this direction, I did not use it either because the magnet might be affecting the device.

In the settings, there is an interesting detail. The impact setting, that is, your humidor, gives you the information if it is hit with a severity more than the intensity you set.

After the installation and adjustment, you can see the details of every humidor you use Butler on the main screen. Since I am currently using one humidor, only the humidor appears to be CYS LONDON. If I were using Butler in my different humidors, then my other humidors would be lined up with moisture and heat details in the screenshot below. Butler can keep all measurements in his mind for 10 days from the moment he started taking measurements. In these 10 days, if your phone or tablet is connected via Bluetooth, it deletes the first day in order to save the new day. Assuming we come home every day, it is unlikely that the information will actually be lost. You can also plot these measurements on your phone hourly, daily and monthly. Don't look that my values ​​are high and different, different, because I'm running in because it's the new humidor.

Humidor Listeniz
Anlık Ölçüm Değerleri
Saatlik Ölçüm Grafiği
Günlük Ölçüm Grafiği

Apart from what I have mentioned, there are various articles and information on cigars and their care in the application. You can view them from the "Bulb" icon at the bottom right of the screenshots. At the same time, at regular intervals, the application can order Boveda for you. I haven't used it yet, but I'm guessing it's only valid in the United States, as it shows prices in USD.

Let's talk about how we can view the measurements away from the house and the humidor. For this, you need a tablet or phone that you do not use a second time that is within the Bluetooth connection range of your humidor. As I explained above, you connect this phone with Bluetooth once. When connecting, you are temporarily turning off your first phone's Bluetooth. On your second phone, when you see the Bluetooth logo next to the battery indicator on the page showing the humidor of the application, the connection is completed and you can now read the values ​​of your humidor outside the home without Bluetooth from your first device.

I tried this as follows, but I had some difficulties. I tried my Galaxy Tab S and Samsung S6 as the second device while using the Samsung S9 as the first device. While some flights were running smoothly, sometimes the application crashed on both additional devices. Then I did not try the Samsung S10 as the second device, it worked without any problems. Therefore, the more new version operating system you use while using the application, the more smoothly it works. Boveda recommends iOS 10+ and Android 5+. In the videos below, I share with you the flights that are working and not working.

So what's the bottom line? Is it worth the money or not? My short answer is value. Why is that? Let's sort:

  • You can see the humidity and heat inside a closed box without opening the box.

  • By plotting these values ​​over a period of time, you can determine how you should protect or position your humidor.

  • Apart from the values ​​you set, you immediately take information and precautions against it.

  • Outside of your home, anywhere, while traveling or in the office, you have the opportunity to follow the values ​​of your humidor and to intervene.

  • While you are away, you can find out if your humidor has been damaged by any blows and consequences.

  • You can view the values ​​of your different number of humidor at once.

  • By opening the lid of your humidor again and again, you prevent the cigars from coming into contact with the air.

Besides the pros, it is necessary to write down the shortcomings:

  • Even though my Samsung S6 has software version 7, the app crashes. I asked Boveda for help, but there hasn't been any coming back yet.

  • Turkey distributor Fumari the Boveda (Che Cigar) Internet sales site in Tobacconist' £ 235.- prices. It can be a bit expensive for those who just take a simple look at the device as a thermometer and hygrometer. However, when compared to XIKAR's digital hygrometers only, starting from the TL305 .- is not an unreasonable deal at all.

As a final word, if you have only one humidor, it does not seem to be a very essential product, but I think it is a unique product, especially for those who have more than one humidor, especially if these humidors are in different places.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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