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Lighters and Cutters


A philosophical approach to cigar cutting.

Xikar Enso.png

Xikar Enso is here as the younger brother of XO.


Cigar Traveler

No more getting caught up in airports with the Cigar Traveler. Even the simplest lighter is now a blower.


A general assessment of cutters and drills.

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Bracelet Punch

A fashionable punch from Les Fines Lames.

Cutter Stand.jpg

ST Dupont continues its innovations with accessories that cut and stand at the same time.


Tommy Bahama Cigar Club cigar accessories open up to people with tropical winds.


Brizard and Co. A brand that produces a very stylish and diverse range of cigar accessories.

Zippo Bütan İç Çiftli.jpg

Zippo İçlik

Zippo artık puro sevdalılarının korkusu olmaktan çıkıyor.


Another powerful and useful lighter from Xikar.

XO Cutter.jpg

What's new in Xikar XO breaker and IPCPR.

pointy vs flat.png

What is the difference between pointed or flat-tipped blower lighters?


ST Dupont's new low-priced lighter series for the new generation.


Xikar Verano is distinguished from other Xikar lighters with its flat burner flame.


Credo makes it easy to use cigar scissors.


Cutters and drills for cigar lovers from Victorinox.

Benchmade Knife 2.jpg

I studied the cigar knives that we come across more and more in the cigar arena.


Although Screwpop is not exactly a cigar accessory brand, it has quite practical accessories.


A combination of lighter and cutters from Xikar.

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