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A Philosophical Approach to Cutting a Cigar


With the new year, an interesting cigar cutter appeared on the market. Although it is not a completely new product from its grip to its cut, the idea behind is a bit different than others.


Cutter takes its design from Ying and Yang, which emerge from the Taiji philosophy on which the martial art of Tai Chi is basedi too and explains the functioning and movement of the entire universe.

Haso Taiji, which emerged with this philosophical approach, operates as a guillotine cutter that uses two blades that overlap each other at equal rates in a synchronized manner. Although it is similar to Xikar XO, its mechanism differs due to not using gears but a spring loaded system, to avoid gears getting stuck or jammed. However, I must say that all these years of using Xikar XO, I never had jammed blades.

Haso Taiji has a die cast aluminum case. Its blades open by pushing a safety button on the case and it can easily cut cigars up to 60 rings gauge.

As mentioned, it is not an entirely new type of product, however, it will definetely attract cigar smokers having a philosophical approach to cutting and smoking cigars. What do you think?

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