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Golden Cigar Chocolate

Gold has preserved its feature of being one of the most precious metals for centuries and even continues by putting it on it. This feature also increases the usage areas of gold day by day. In order to show the value of existing products and make a difference, it can be seen in many places as a coating. In our cigar world, for example, Daniel Marshall, Royal Danish cigars have one thing in common; both partially or completely covered with gold leaves. Of course, gold plating is not only available in cigars. Gold plating is now used even in the desserts we eat. Here are the chocolates made by Careri Çikolata, a Turkish brand founded by Melih Haliloğlu, who is also a chocolate chef, in 2008; covered with gold.

In my previous articles I talked about chocolates that can be accompanied by cigars. So what does Careri have to do with cigars? The firm started to produce a cigar-shaped chocolate with a gold band, completely handmade, using the Belgian couverture, which they have been working on for a while. The cigar is produced with a weight of approximately 45 grams, filled with soft chocolate inside and bitter on the outside. The product is sold in both 5-pack and single packs, and subjects are sent in separate acetate boxes for both. The single order of cigars is sent in a booklet and the cigar comes out of this booklet. The booklet also contains certificates such as gold certificate, FDA registration certificate. The beauty of the single packages is that you can personalize the cover page of the booklet with your company or another logo.

Since the company's website is currently being renewed, they are making the sale on the Shopier site. You can visit the site for price and other details.


I think the single would be a gift to your friend, and the 5 would be a great gift for yourself.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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