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Full rein in Xikar IPCPR ...

Xikar is going full rein with its new products in IPCPR this year as well. According to their own statements, they have different innovations from the new XO Cutter, which they have been working on for a while, to the Boveda envelopes that they started to produce under their own name with the agreement they made with Boveda. By the way, I wanted to mention two of them that I especially liked.

Xikar is here with a brand new cut. Although there are actually fully round guillotine cutters on the market, most of them are not single-blade guillotine or Xikar quality. The cuts, called XO, which is said to have been created as a result of about three years of research and development, will be able to cut cigars up to 64 rings thick.

The cuts currently available only in matte black and maavi are in the range of about USD100-120 in America.

The second is that the Xikar Travel Humidoru, made of the durable plastic we are used to, is slightly differentiated. This differentiation gives you the opportunity to carry 10 Toro vitolas cigars in its inner compartment, as well as carrying your different accessories with an extra shelf and compartment. Actually, you can use it in two ways; The first is simply to carry it on your travels, and the second is to keep it in your locker at the cigar club of which you are a member, if you want to use your own accessories. As you know, the second is a bit difficult in our country, but still it will be in the future. The price is around USD 65, - abroad.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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