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It means vacation, it means luggage ...

The summer months have come, one of the holidays has passed, but the other is on the way. The majority has fallen into thinking about where we go and what to visit. Even if all the plans are ready, one feels the real holiday excitement while making the first suitcase. Clothes, shoes, laptop etc. There are all kinds of luggage options. There are even all kinds of videos on the internet about packing luggage. However, you can imagine that I am not going to get up and tell you which suitcase and how to collect it. Our topic is again about cigars.

In recent times, apart from the conventional cigar cases, more comprehensive leather cigar bags have been introduced to the market one after the other, which are also useful in carrying accessories. As far as I can follow, I wanted to evaluate the three most common and well-known ones for you, with the features I could catch. To sort the brands according to their release order, boutique brands Peter James and Puro Prestige are the first companies to launch these bags. The timing of the news, which is almost the same as the sale of Puro Prestige's bag, but the official launch and sale of this year's IPCPR and Colibri's bag, which we know very well, is also included in this group.

Peter James , the American brand and production, will take this bag off, I think it will be close to a year and now it is the brand with the most choice in terms of color and leather variety. There are cuts, lighter, cigar stand, pockets and hangers to carry business cards and pens. In the oversized bag, you can carry 5-6 cigars from vitolas up to 60 rings thick and 7.5inch long. The small bag is made according to Robusto vitola. This bag, which I had the opportunity to examine by taking it in my hand, had a big deficiency in my opinion when it first came out. That is, the cigar pocket of the bag or the bag in general did not have much protection against external impacts. In particular, I was surprised that the cigar pocket did not have a strong part to hold its shape and protect the cigars from impact, and frankly for this reason, I gave up buying it. Later, they corrected these shortcomings with an enclosure that they removed under the name of The Guardian, but which you had to take separately from the bag. This enclosure is indeed an essential piece for me that can prevent your cigars from being crushed or otherwise damaged. The price of the bag varies between USD285 .- (Robusto Size) and USD300 .- / 330.- (Large Size). In my opinion, you should definitely add The Guardian worth USD40.- to this. No accessories are included in the prices.

The Guardian

Our second bag brand, Puro Prestige, is from England. The company is producing this bag, which is also manufactured in England, under the name of The Hemingway Edition. Appearance and functionality are almost identical to the first brand. There are also pockets and hangers for cigars and accessories. But this bag has a big advantage over its American rival. Perhaps the makers of the bag Peter James saw the shortcoming I mentioned in the bag and made the cigar pocket part in the form of a cedar mini humidor with leather-lined cigars inside, which allowed the cigars to be kept under the right conditions, with minimal damage or maybe no impact at all. However, while the American competitor can carry 5-6 cigars, the British competitor can only carry 4 cigars up to 54 rings thick and 5 inches in size, in order not to tire himself. Currently available in one leather and one size option, the price of this bag is GBP 275, including a 24k gold-plated cigar stand.

We came to the brand and product that hit the market lastly in this trend. Colibri, a brand that we all know well both with its lighters and cutters, could not stand this fashion, and recently announced that it has launched a cigar bag that will be its official launch at IPCPR. A little different from the other two brands of bags, the inside is reserved for cigars only, and a pocket on the outside of the bag for accessories. The main compartment of the bag has a total capacity of 12 7x54 cigars. Inside the small compartment on the outside, there are separate pockets to prevent accessories from scratching each other. As I understand it, in this bag too, the main compartment is reinforced to withstand external impacts, so that the cigars are not damaged. Although I do not know whether there are different color options yet, it is not difficult to guess that Colibri will diversify in both leather and color. The price is USD 250.-

Peter james

+ Two different sizes of bags

+ Color options

+ 5-6 cigar capacity

- The cigar stand is not included in the price

- The Guardian is sold extra

- single zipper


Cigar Prestige

+ Mini humidor inside

+ Sheltered cigars

+ Double zipper

- Heavier due to the mini humidor

- 4 cigar capacity

- One size

- No color and leather options



+ Cigar capacity

+ Widespread distribution network, service, brand awareness

+ Sheltered cigars

- One size and color option (may change after launch)

- single zipper


And it is my personal decision ... J Everyone's decision I don't want to affect yourself and no one, but I decide how to carry and keep my decision with the accessories, under the most similar conditions to the humidor, under the most similar conditions to the humidor, until the cigars smoke after leaving the humidum, or if you do not smoke it back into the humidors. I gave it accordingly. Of course, it would be a lie if I said I did not care about visuals a little. Finally, looking at what I mentioned above, Puro Prestige's The Hemingway Edition seemed to me to be the best bag to meet these criteria. What do you think is the best?


Enjoyable smoking ...

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