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Library, Schweizerhof Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland

I do not want to cool you down on these June days when we are starting to feel the summer heat slowly, but this time the lounge I will talk about will be from St. Moritz, which is generally known for winter and winter sports. However, to warm you up again, it is worth reminding that St. Moritz and most of Switzerland in general are incredible trekking paradises in the summer.

St. Moritz, located in the famous Engadin Valley close to Switzerland's border with Italy, is perfect for those who want to ski in winter and trekking in summer. In addition to these beauties, the White Turf Horse Races run on the frozen lake every February. In a place that attracts so many tourists in all seasons of the year, of course, there are as many hotels you don't want and different cigar lounges in those hotels with the advantage of being the homeland of Davidoff.

The Schweizerhof Hotel, in the heart of the city, where I stayed on one of my most recent visits, is one of the hotels with a lounge. Since the hotel is really in the middle of the city, you can reach everywhere, including the runways, in minutes within walking distance. Of course, when I say it is also close to the tracks, I am talking about the pines on the opposite sidewalk, climbing the mountain. Just this all-around closeness is a good reason to stay at the Schweizerhof. Of course, the interior of the hotel is very stylish and beautiful, especially including the restaurant overlooking the magnificent mountain view and where you also have breakfast.

Another part that has the same view as the restaurant of the hotel and which interests us more is the Library Fumoir Cigar Lounge. Open to both hotel guests and outsiders, but not too big, this department is decorated like a library. On the left at the entrance, some of the shelves where the books stand are separated as a display and humidor, and it is possible to find different vitolas of other Cuban brands besides Davidoff, Zino, Zino Platinum. It is possible to have a view of the mountain view from the windows on the right side of the lounge, which extends in depth. After a long day of skiing and trekking and a nice meal at the Lounge, it is like a dream where all the details have been considered to smoke cigars with your drink.

It is useful to remind you that you can enter the other bar and club parts of the hotel with your cigar. This means that your pleasure is not interrupted in terms of continuing to smoke indoors.

An example of the prices in the Library's cigar menu, which is renewed from time to time, is an Entreacto CHF 10 .- (30.-TL) while a Cohiba Siglo VI CHF 39 .- (115.-TL). As for the drinks that will accompany your cigar, you have the chance to choose both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The prices are the hotel prices you can see almost everywhere.

Hotel Schweizerhof is a place where you can stay in St. Moritz, summer or winter, which I can always recommend, and you will not give up smoking cigars while staying. If you go, keep it in mind.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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