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Cigar Bodrum


Summer is here, and we are even in the middle of July. Everyone left Istanbul and other big cities and started to move towards the coastal areas, as of these days, even the majority has already taken their place. The pleasure of smoking a cigar in the summer is always different for me.

Bodrum has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations chosen by both domestic and foreign tourists to spend their holidays and have fun at the sea and sun during the summer months. Even though it is criticized of being over populated, losing its previous aura or being over-urbanized, it is still one of the first places that comes to mind for all of us. 

Cigar Bodrum

Now, for us cigar lovers, when Bodrum is mentioned, beyond its beaches and fish restaurants, there is a new place and pleasure address that will evoke in our minds in summer and winter; A devoted cigar lover and the creator of KS Cigar Accessories , M. Kemal Saatçioğlu 's newly opened Cigar Bodrum. 

Kemal Bey aynı zamanda sertifikalı bir Cigar Sommelier
KS Cigar Accessories
Çeşitli Aksesuarlar

In Cigar Bodrum, besides Kemal own brand KS Accessories, it is possible to find accessories such as humidors of different brands and Boveda. But it's not just accessories, Kemal sells Cuban Parejo and Eleanor cigars which are officially imported from Tabacos de Costarica boutique cigar factory in Costa Rica. What's more is that, you'll be able to access Nub and Oliva cigars, which were recently cleared from customs in the past weeks.

As I mentioned above, in the venue that is planned to be open both in summer and winter, besides smoking a cigar and sipping cocktails, a pleasant conversation, the real companion of cigars, will never be missed thanks to Kemal.


Kemal's Cigar Bodrum is in the Savra Bodrum Hotel in Bitez. In the middle of the tangerine gardens, in a lush environment, accompanied by crickets during the day and nightingales in the evening, the hotel's rich variety of poolside bar, the garden's wide and comfortable sofas, sitting groups and all kinds of facilities of the hotel is available to visitor.

As they say, the heart does not want coffee, nor the coffee house, the heart wants a chat, coffee is an excuse. If you are in Bodrum and you want to enjoy a cigar with Kemal and go deep into the cigar discussions, I would say don't come back without stopping by Cigar Bodrum.

Happy smoking...

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