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Garden Lounge - Corinthia Hotel, London

As the day passed, London started to offer different venue options for cigar lovers to smoke their cigars with pleasure, as it was in the old days. While the existing spaces were renewing themselves, pleasant spaces began to be opened both within the body of the hotels and in separate places. The Garden Lounge , inside the Corinthia Hotel , is one of these places.

Garden Lounge by Manu Harit, where the place is a cigar base and opened as recently as April, is already a very popular venue. In the walk-in humidor created by De-Art, there are almost every brand and vitola cigar you can desire. I choose the Ramon Allones cigar, which Habanos's UK distributor Hunters and Frankau has released for its 225th anniversary this year, and go in front of the fireplace.

The Garden Lounge, which has an open garden and can host approximately 80 people in sitting position, is a place that can offer a very warm atmosphere even in cold weather. Although the weather is cold like 0-1 degrees in the evening I visited, you can sit and smoke your cigar without getting cold, thanks to the sufficient amount of heaters, fireplaces and, if not enough, blankets (not a shawl - a really thick blanket). While the red tones of orange are used in the cushions of the seating sets, light-toned colors are preferred on the floors and walls covered with natural stone. In addition, the large garden umbrellas set up to preserve the warm air as much as possible are also in red-orange tones.

As soon as you enter the garden, you can get your drink from the bar that comes across, or you can order your table after choosing your cigar in the humidor on the right. Talisker and similar Single Malt whiskeys start from GBP 26 .- (TL 114 .-), of course the prices can go up to quite different figures. In addition, a RyJ Churchill is offered for GBP 29 .- (TL130.-), Partagas Setrie D4 GBP 24 .- (TL 105.-) and Cohiba Robusto GBP 36 .- (TL 160.-).

Even though I found it on his day off when I went, it should not be without mentioning somelia Manu. Currently the youngest certified Habanos expert, Manu is someone who has worked with Bulgari Hotel's somely Mike Choi and, of course, he is an expert on his subject. In addition to the cigar, Manu also has a deep knowledge of champagne and wine and will help you with the drinks to accompany your cigar when you go.

The Garden Lounge is the perfect place to warm you up with a cigar in the cold winter nights of London, or to watch the stars in summer, enjoyable nights. I would definitely go when you visit London.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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