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Renaissance Bar, Badrutt's Palace

St. Moritz is one of the first resorts, or even the first, to start commercializing the ski holiday in Switzerland. This well-known ski resort every year welcomes countless local and foreign tourists from every country who are fond of winter sports. With its shawls, top class hotels, restaurants and brand stores, it offers a good winter holiday to everyone who does not ski. In addition, the annual White Turf horse races are one of the different organizations that make St. Moritz famous and gather many people from the world society. In fact, the last few years as we provide the participation of the Jockey Club of Turkey.

Badrutt's Palace Hotel, St. One of Moritz's oldest hotels. It has a fabulous appearance under the snow with its building that really resembles a palace. The interior and service is really just like palaces. How nice it is, the hotel, which has been run by the same family since the 1800s and celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2016, made a room on the lobby floor suitable for a cigar venue called Renaissance Bar.

When you enter the hotel, leaving the reception part on the left and passing through the door, you go to the Le Grand Hall part of the hotel, which is indeed a very large lobby, just like its name. It is a perfect place to have your afternoon tea or drink in the afternoon and to dive into dreams with the view against the mountains. Of course, we are not staying here and heading to the left. Because the Renaissance Bar that interests us is that way. After we have given the coats, the waiters guide us and we enter a bar with a lot of wood, a fireplace, where the floors are carpeted and where you can see the mountains from the window, just as it should be in a mountain hotel. There is an American bar and bar seats on the right at the entrance of the place. The rest of the living room is completely decorated with tables and comfortable armchairs. We sing our drinks and take our place by the fireplace. Unfortunately, I see a situation here that has disappointed me again and again. Fireplace does not burn with real wood. To tell you my real opinion, one really wants the fireplace to burn in a hotel of this class and doesn't want to see the gas flames. Yes, it creates the ambiance, but without that wood smell and crackling, one does not understand that you are sitting in front of the fireplace.

We brought our own cigars, but I still want the cigar menu. The menu is of a kind that will delight all kinds of cigar aficionados. You can even find cigars before the embargo on the menu. In addition, the menu not only lists cigars and prices, but also gives you advice on which cigar and which cocktail or drink would be appropriate. A feature that is not available in every menu, I liked it very much. There is also a humidor for looking and selecting cigars that would be considered ordinary. Humidor and cigars were supplied by Cigar Must, who slowly gained a firm and rightful place and name in Switzerland. Next to the humidor is also a nice detail, a few framed pictures of Zino Davidoff have been placed.

It is a place I definitely recommend to have a solid enjoyment on a ski day, before or after dinner when you finish tired.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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