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Churchill Club - Four Seasons DIFC Dubai

While Istanbul was going through the last days of summer in the past weeks, I made a short business trip to the Gulf side at that time. Of course, to take advantage of the opportunity, I have included a few places to visit in my list for visiting purposes. The first of these is the Churchill Club, on the terrace of the Four Seasons hotel, which is adjacent to Dubai's financial center DIFC, which also has a covered area.

After entering the hotel, you immediately go up by pressing the button belonging to the Churchill Club in the elevator and you go into the hall with a dimly dark but not tiring eyes. From here, you are accompanied by a short staircase to the upper floor where the main sitting and humidor are.

When you climb the stairs and enter, a bar appears on your right and you will see the silhouette of the Burj Khalifa tower. As an advantage of my early arrival, I set up in one of the leather berjers at the bottom of the window, which sees the view straight across. After ordering a whiskey, I take it to the top of the humidor. Although not considered too big, there is a humidor in a cabinet with enough options. Since my time is a bit limited, I buy Epicure No.2 and take my place against the view again.

I noticed a lying butler who I had not met in other places before, but right next to my seat, suitable for the atmosphere and style of the place. Of course, I took this opportunity to sit more comfortably and hung up by taking off my jacket. After a short while, both my whiskey and the cigar I chose were presented together with a scissors and a blower lighter, and the pleasure began.

The place got crowded as I sat. However, not every visitor preferred interior space and went to the small terrace section. After all, the weather was still in the 30s. If we look at the somewhat furnished style of the place, it is quite classic. There are carpets on the floors, leather chesterfield sofas, a very cool bar, and on the walls, there are celebrities' cigars similar to a few other venues. In fact, these pictures are also present in the menu, a nice detail. The place is quite spacious, there is a bar and a terrace as well as comfortable seating groups. It can comfortably host over 50 people in total, and it has been given as 46 people, including the terrace, on its website. Considering Dubai's indoor air conditioning and ventilation systems, dirham does not cause smoke discomfort.

Close to the venue are major hotels such as the Emirates Tower Jumeirah, the Ritz Carlton and of course the Four Seasons. These hotels, which are within walking distance of both DIFC and the venue, are very advantageous when you go for business travel, not for summer vacation. As for the prices, the prices have become a click more expensive due to the Four Seasons prices and unfortunately the new taxes.

At the same time, there are several high-end nightclubs such as XUMA and close to the hotels and venue. There are also alternatives for those who want to continue the night after a meal and a cigar. You will be very pleased with the service in the place, which offers a very comfortable and warm atmosphere. From the reception to the desk service, they are very warm and helpful.

When you go to Dubai, it is a place I can recommend to clear your mind and relax after a tired day at DIFC.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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