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The Bar, Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Cairo

Cairo, Egypt; It is one of the rare places where tobacco products can still be consumed indoors. As such, there are a few nice places that allow us to smoke our cigars. In a previous article I wrote about Kempinski's Jazz Bar in Cairo. Now I will talk about The Bar at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, which is almost next door.

This place on the 3rd floor of the hotel has a full view of the Nile, just like the Jazz Bar, plus the Four Seasons' usual sincere and flattering service. If you did not come to The Bar with your own cigar, it is possible to choose from a tabletop cabinet and humidor, which is opposite the bar on the left, and take your place in the 35-seat hall. Although there is a cigar menu on the table, the options vary according to the stocks and you may not find the ones on the menu. I think the prices are due to the Four Seasons effect, even quite salty; While Davidoffs start from EGP 400 - about TL over 100 - Behikes can go up to EGP 900. Besides, it is also possible to find EGP 100.- e Nub. When it comes to drink prices, the numbers are not as outrageous as cigars. A good single malt EGP60, - around.

The atmosphere is quite relaxing with live music playing calmly in the background. I found it a bit more active compared to Kempinski Jazz Bar. At the same time, the average age of the crowd is under 40. The hotel itself is generally more active than Kempinski.

For comparison, I definitely prefer The Bar to the Jazz Bar in Kempinski; of course by bringing my own cigars. Keep in mind that there is Davidoff Store in the shopping mall inside the other Four Seasons (First Mall) in Cairo. It is possible to buy cigars here to be able to smoke with pleasure after wandering all day.

Meanwhile, the venue is open every day from 12 noon to 3 am.

I recommend it if your way falls. Enjoyable smoking ...

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