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Cioppino Cigar Bar, Pittsburgh

Pop Art is considered as an art and therefore a marketing trend, which was created in the 1960s by blending artistic presentations and the cultural lives of celebrities, and presenting their advertising-oriented works to art lovers. The most important pioneer of this trend, including Mel Ramos , about whom I wrote an article, was Andy Warhol. While you might not remember the name right away, I'm sure you might remember that you might have seen the color painting in which Marilyn Monroe's profile is the most frequent one you will come across, in several places. Andy Warhol was born and raised in Pittsburgh. In fact, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has the title of being the largest museum dedicated to a single artist. It is one of the places I recommend you visit when you go to Pittsburgh. In addition to this museum, I cannot pass without proposing a different venue; Cioppino Cigar Bar.

Actually, Cioppino is not only a cigar place, but also a restaurant where you can eat delicious seafood and meat. When you enter the venue from the main door, if you choose the right side from the two opposite doors, you enter the cigar bar, and if you choose the left side, you enter the restaurant section. To briefly explain the restaurant part, you pass by an American bar and come to the main dining hall, where there is also a sizeable wine cellar. The restaurant is an award-winning venue by Wine Spectator magazine. So it is obvious that they did not make the cellar just for display purposes. Live music is also available on some nights on the side of the American bar. In the main dining room, there is an air that is more reminiscent of an Italian Trattoria. The food is very tasty and affordable. Since our visit was both a meal and a cigar, we first satiated with a nice wine. It was the first time I tried a Zinfandel under the name of Cigar there. I am not a wine guru, but it was a wine that I quite liked.

After dinner, we came to the part of the night that I was waiting impatiently, and by going back to the main entrance, this time we opened the right door and entered the cigar bar. The Puro Bar, which is a square hall with an American bar on the opposite wall and a humidor on the opposite wall of the door, has a very dim ambiance with wooden walls, wooden floors, leather armchairs and sofas. There are also a few televisions showing sports events on the wall. My eye is on a ladder behind the bar, similar to those used to reach higher books, often in high-bay libraries. It gave a different and pleasant atmosphere. At the back, we set our backs to the wall, the bar to our breathing, and the humidor to our right, on the berjers. It comes with a cigar menu of sufficient variety. Apart from that, I go and check out some humidors and finally order a "local" Cohiba. Although I take my own cigars with me, I usually try to pick cigars in places I visit, from their humidor that I haven't tried before or that I have hard access to. In a cigar place, I like it very much, in a tray, lighter, cuts and my chosen purom are served. Our drinks are also brought separately.

The ventilation of the place is quite sufficient. It is a good sign that the bar, which was quite crowded, was not smoky while we were smoking cigars. Although I love the smell of cigars, still too much smoke indoors can be annoying. It can also negatively affect your cigar taste.


We smoke our cigar with a very pleasant conversation. The saddest part of business trips is that they are usually short-term and do not provide enough opportunity to travel to your destination. I partially compensated for this shortcoming with a pleasant cigar chat. At least the next time I have some free time, I've listed where to go next. Let me end the article by sharing one of those I learned. The Heinz brand, which we encounter in the markets and known as ketchup most, is also from Pittsburgh. There is also a history museum not far from Cioppino and named after it; Heinz History Center. If your path falls, I say don't pass this place without seeing it either.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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