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The Garden Room, London

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Lanesborough Hotel is one of London's old and luxurious hotels where each customer offers its own assistant. Located in a corner of Hyde Park, the hotel is within walking distance of Wellesley Hotel, where I wrote about the cigar lounge before. Not only are other luxury hotels within walking distance, but the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly and St. James Street is also within walking distance. The interior decoration of the hotel is the kind that will exceed the expectations of luxury hotels. However, we are not there for the hotel, of course we are there for the cigar place The Garden Room.

Panaromik The Garden Room

To reach The Garden Room, after entering the hotel, you are taken down the stairs by the attendant at the door. Before you walk through the corridors with a cabinet humidor on your right, then a walk-in humidor on your left, you go to the entrance, right in front of the lounge's own bar, to a lovely courtyard with a wooden ceiling and a fireplace at the end. You go out into the courtyard, but it doesn't give you the feeling of being outside. Leather sofas, wooden coffee tables, wooden ceiling and fireplace give such a warm atmosphere that it is as if you have entered a room inside the hotel. The ceiling of the place does not completely cover the courtyard, it was built to remain open at the edges. The exposed edges are also covered with glass coverslips that can be folded open and closed. Therefore, the fins, which are closed outside the ventilation period, prevent heat loss.

The Garden Room Bar
The Garden Room Walk-In Humidor

You can choose your cigar from the menu or from the humidor at the entrance. Likewise, you can order your drink either from the bar or through the waiter who comes to your table for the service. I'm starting to smoke with an Old Fashion cocktail and Magnum 50. By the way, you can both cut and burn your cigar whenever you want, which is a service I often encounter in London.

The place does not host standing guests, its seating capacity is approximately 40 people. Leather covered seats are very comfortable. It felt like I could feel a little cramped at full capacity. Because they put the sitting groups and coffee tables very close to each other. Before you settle in, you may have to maneuver the coffee tables and the seat a couple of maneuvers. Especially in cold weather, with the burning fireplace, I am sure that the environment will take on an even warmer, engaging atmosphere.

Both cocktail and cigar prices are at the level of luxury hotel prices. In London, cigars are already more expensive than other European countries, and they can be extra expensive in such places. The service is pretty fast and nice. Every once in a while, they come and ask if everything is okay, and refresh their companions.

Tavanın kenar kısımlarındaki cam lameller.

Access to the venue is also very easy. As soon as you leave the door, you take 5 steps and arrive at Hyde Park Corner subway station. Apart from that, the venue, as I mentioned above, is within walking distance of central places such as Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly. Before I forget, the place is quite assertive, especially in cognac options. The first glass mentioned by the attendant who guided us from the entrance to the Garden Room was GBP5,000 brandy - to the enthusiast. Again, after a touristic London tour, it is a place where you can relieve the tiredness of the day and smoke your cigar.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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