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Charles Grech Cafe Valletta, Malta

Malta ... From Greeks to Arabs, from the French to the British, which gained its independence from Britain in 1964, it is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean that everyone wants to have, albeit a community of several islands. Due to its location in the Mediterranean, it has always coveted every sovereign and ruling empire, the crossroads of trade, the land that is famous for its rich history and rich tourism. Malta is an island that is used as a natural set for many historical films today. For example, Troy, played by Brad Pitt, was shot here. Later, Brad Pitt visited the island again for the movie By The Sea, which he shot with Angelina Jolie. The tiny place that offers so much to empires, filmmakers and tourists, of course, offers bits and pieces to us cigar freaks.

Charles Grech House was founded as a tobacco and alcohol shop on Republic Street in Valetta in 1881 by a soldier returning to his country from the British Royal Navy, and over the years the foundations of the Charles Grech Cafe in its current form have been laid. It is also possible to find the name of Charles Grech and its venues in different centers of the island.

Located on the main streets of Valetta that are suitable for both touristic and shopping, this venue consists of an entrance and a basement floor. While the ground floor is mostly serving as cafes and restaurants / bars, the ground floor is the place where all kinds of alcoholic drinks are served and cigars. Special invitations are also given to small groups downstairs. There is also a small desktop humidor above.

The lower floor is like a treasure room. There is a variety of wine, whiskey and other spirits you don't want. They also put a cabinet humidor for us. I wish a shop with this variety of alcohol would have a little more and a special inventory of cigars. Nevertheless, they have options that will give you an enjoyable day and they are kept in very suitable conditions. Frankly, the prices are not that high. When you go down the stairs, you come to a 3-part floor. On your left, you come across a table between the wall-to-wall wine racks, where you can host small invitations. Afterwards, there is the whiskey and wine part with more specific and limited expressions, and the last part is the part with mainly spirits. One may really be surprised which one of the many options to choose.

Malta and the surrounding islands, especially Gozo, are a very attractive place for summer holidays and historical sightseeing. Everywhere we enter, they talk about the fact that more and more Turkish tourists come every day. Obviously, it is a very popular place for us as well. When you go to Valetta, you will definitely walk on this main street. After a long trip, I recommend you to stop here and smoke a small drink and relieve the tiredness of the day.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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