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Cigar Terrace, The Wellesley, London

The Wellesley is a luxury boutique city hotel designed by award-winning designer Fox Linton in London's famous Knightsbridge district. Decorated with the modern interpretation of the hotel's art deco style. But the subject that interests us more than its décor or luxury at the moment is the cigar terrace and the heavenly walk-in humidor, which is hard to find even in London.

The Cigar Terrace is on the right side of the entrance, and on the left, directly opposite the humidor. After taking my place on the terrace, which has a capacity of 25-30 people, we have a little chat with the waiter about their cigars, and we go to the humidor to choose the cigar together. When we enter the humidora, on the right are the normal series cigars that we can always find, predominantly Habanos, on the left, the limited series and vintage cigars, including embargoed Davidoffs. I especially go for them, but the prices are quite high. There are also several large desktop humidors in building shapes. Among them are specially wrapped Cuban cigars. Some are empty, others are adorned with Wellesley brand cigar bands.

Inside the Humidor, we intensify the conversation with the waiter on the cigar. Guiseppe Ruo, who is in charge of the Humidor and who went to Cuba several times a year, who went to Cuba while I was there, obviously has done what he left behind quite well. Based on my own curiosity and some advice, I choose Cohiba Robustos Supremos 2014 Edicion Limitada, which was introduced at the festival last year and has the widest ring thickness, Habanos, and take my place again. I spend an enjoyable evening singing an 18-year-old Glenmorangie next to it. In the meantime, we continue our conversation about cigars with the waiter who comes and chatted from time to time.

The prices are not so crazy, as can be seen from the menu. When you want to smoke a normal serial cigar, you can enjoy a Punch Punch for around GBP20.- (TL 77 .-) or Epicure Especial for GBP25 .- (TL 96 .-). You can also choose from Single Malt whiskeys that will warm you up at prices close to your cigar.

The place you are sitting on is the terrace, and I must mention that the night I was sitting was quite cold. However, I could enjoy without much discomfort due to the good heating systems and the fact that they covered the terrace with artificial luxuries. I'm not sure what exactly would be in a slightly more windy and cold weather. Probably it is not possible to sit without a coat.

It is very pleasing to find such pleasant places in cities where it is forbidden to use tobacco products indoors. If you happen to be in London, I would say you should definitely stop by one evening. Even if you don't have time, at least you will only see the humidor and the cigars, maybe you will buy a cigar you haven't found before to enjoy it later.

Have a pleasant smoke for you all ...

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