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Alfed Dunhill Club, Cigar Lounge, Shop etc.

Bourdon House, which a friend took to introduce the president of the club and I admired, is a very interesting place. In Mayfair, one of the luxurious districts of London, this venue, which is home to Alfred Dunhill, as well as being the only detached building independent from other buildings, was built in 1720. It was modernized after several restorations afterwards, but when you get close to it, it immediately takes you back to the old times with its style and atmosphere.

In this building, which originally served as an Alfred Dunhill club house, from the movie room inside to the barber, small meeting rooms and restaurant, there are also things that will make non-club members feel special. Alfred Dunhill, his shop, the humidor downstairs and the heated tables in the garden are the kind that will delight us cigar aficionados. Of course, while enjoying your cigar, you can also rehearse your custom tailored suit.

If you are not a club member, the only place you can enter is the shop gate. After entering, you can go down the stairs on the left to both the downstairs bar, humidor and pipe shop and the cinema room, or you can go up to the floor where you can use the Spa, barber and member services. Of course, with my friend and the humidor, we head straight to the side we care about first, that is, downstairs.

As soon as we descend the stairs, a very attractive display of pipe and pipe accessories greets us. We pass through a small bar just before the humidor, gliding by. The door opens and we reach Alfred Dunhill's humidor. It has an incredibly warm air, it instantly absorbs you. To get the Havana expert certificate, we start a conversation with Greg, whose exam is days away, and we get some very interesting information about Alfred Dunhill, the building and the humidor. After taking over the Humidor, he talked about the cleaning he had done, and what he had found at that time. Forgotten vintage Cuban cigars, the tiny tobacco scales pictured are just a few of them. I am sure it has been an amazing experience.

As can be seen from the picture, the Humidor is adorned with both the rental cabinets of the members and other cigars for sale. On the large table in the middle, there are more collection pieces, including pipes and accessories. You can easily find all kinds of cigars here, from Limited Edition cigars to vintage ones.

As the conversation goes on, Greg tells us about the cigars in the vault where the real treasure is. The members and the club have their own vintage cigars in the vault section, which has an entrance right next to the humidor and where the door is still the iron cast door when the building was first built. The humidity of this place is kept slightly lower than the humidity of the humidor. The reason for this, as you can imagine, is for aging cigars.

Finally, choosing one cigar and ending the conversation, we go out to smoke from this wonderfully scented place to the garden floor. The garden where we go out to smoke is a small courtyard built with high walls and two doors, where the cold air is broken by heaters. The best part of this place is that even if you come with your own cigar from outside, you do not have to spend the least as in other cigar venues. You can enjoy the courtyard with your own cigar and drink you have ordered. When it gets darker, small led lights start to shine on the floor. A very pleasant atmosphere is formed, like the reflection of the stars in the sky.

Sitting in the courtyard, it can accommodate approximately 30-40 guests. But they also mentioned that they put a little more tables in the summer. It is a very hot and special place to smoke. If you want to go to London and have a smoke in the open air, I would say definitely stop by here. You can both have a good time in its store and feel the historical scent of London a little more.

By the way, it is open every day from 10:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the evening, except Alfed Dunhill Markets.


Bourdon House, 2 Davies Street
Mayfair, London

Enjoyable smoking ...

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