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No.6 Cavendish, London


London keeps adding more and more places to its cigar scene, allowing cigar smokers to enjoy their hobby and meet fellow BOTLs and SOTLs. One of those very recent additions is the No.6 Cavendish at guess where, Cavendish Square. Right at the heart of London, 2 mins walking distance to Oxford Circus tube station, is a unique place among the newly opened cigar places.


Let's have a look inside the place a bit more in detail, why it is such a remarkable lounge.

No6 Cavendish logo.png
Lounge'a giden koridor.

The owners are no other than the Patel Family, whom we know from the La Casa del Habano in Teddington. Although being the only LCDH in London, being a bit further away from the city center and this new lounge and store puts Patels closer to downtown London. Just to remind you LCDH Teddington has a small lounge downstairs as well.

Once you enter the store, you come to the "retail" part of the lounge, as Ajay describes it. You have a good selection of humidors from Davidoff, Siglo, Elie Bleu, all sorts of accessories from various brands. Right behind the counter, you have the master piece, the walk-in-humidor. In the humidor, the cigar sortiment is anything from Habanos to New World cigars. The humidor is being humidified through a device underneath the counter in the center of the room. Once you choose you cigar you go out and turn to your left, where you have to walk through a long and tunnel like corridor but don't worry, there is light in the end of tunnel.


In the other end of the corridor there is the door to the lounge. Before you enter the lounge, there is one more thing to do; from the bar, just by the door you order your drink, a good deal of choice in terms of spirits, cocktails or soft drinks are available. And you enter the room, to sit at one of the comfortable chairs and enjoy your cigar. 


The lounge has roughly 30+ seating capacity but there is plenty of space to stand as well, if there is an event inside. The ceiling has an opening to outside, which brings in natural day light -  a huge plus in such a dark room actually. Now it is really time to sit back and enjoy your cigar in peace.  

Lounge 1
Lounge 3
Lounge 2

The place has also made humidor vaults available to guests to rent.  You can reach the vaults through a door in the lounge area. In case one is too small for your, you can combine two vaults next to each other by removing the separator. Just before the vaults, there are 6-7 seat area, which will be able to be separated by sliding doors allowing members to rent that small area as well. It has its own entrance from the corridor leading to the lounge.

No.6 Cavendish is definitely a unique all-inclusive place for cigar smokers with its humidor, retail section, bar and lounge. I am sure it will be hit among the smokers in no time. 

Long ashes...

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