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Cigar Lounge- W Hotel Verbier

Winter has come and is almost past, but most of the ski resorts, both domestic and international, have enough snow for a pleasant skiing. Since we are now approaching April, the weather is wonderfully sunny during the day and you can stay outside relatively without shaking at night. At this very moment, when the sun is still out in the evening, after skiing or after dinner, very little will probably replace a cigar of pleasure.

The Cigar Lounge, located in the W Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland, is really perfect for the moments I mentioned above. The location of the hotel is incomparable since it is right next to the lifts and in the city center. In addition, it has the same magnificent mountain view, both indoor and outdoor, offering an alternative for day or night use.

As soon as you enter the W Hotel in Verbier, you have already entered the bar area where everyone meets after skiing. Anyway, in order to get to the Cigar Lounge, you will have to go to the terrace in front of the bar.

After you grab your favorite whiskey, rum or cocktail from the bar, a cabinet humidor welcomes you right next to the bar and in front of the indoor door of the Lounge. If you haven't brought your own cigar with you, the moment you pick up your cigar from the humidor, where there are enough options, your enjoyable moments will start now. In the Lounge, which is a longitudinal and somewhat narrow space - reminded me a bit of No.10 in London - you take your place on leather seats against the mountain view and start smoking your cigar. If we think of this place as a closed balcony, when I look back, I see the part of the balcony that is not closed. The same landscape, this part with the same decoration, which is perfect for smoking cigars during the day.

Photographs of actresses and singers smoking cigars adorn the walls of the space, including Demi Moore. It may sound a little biased to have only female photographs, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't nice. There is a little W Hotel difference in the prices of the place, but I still cannot say that it is too crazy. Partagas Series De No. 4 CHF. 14.60 is sold from Montecristo No.2 CHF18.60 and Cohiba Siglo VI CHF37.20. An average glass of whiskey is around CHF 25.-.

The city of Verbier in Switzerland is famous for its difficult ski slopes. Therefore, you get too tired all day long and then look for an opportunity to relax your mind and body to prepare yourself for the next day. W Hotel offers you this opportunity in the best possible way. With the vigorous appearance and energy of the hotel, as well as this beautiful place that it offers to cigar lovers. If you go, I would say definitely stop by.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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