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Davidoff of Geneva, Manhattan

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After the famous 9/11 attack, the place where the buildings were destroyed for many years was closed to the public for repairs and monument construction. In the memorial site, two memorial pools and the One World Trade Center building have now been built in place of the old two destroyed buildings. One World Trade Center is now New York's tallest building and architect Burj Khalifa is David Childs. You can go to the top of the building as a tourist and look at New York from above. There are also restaurants and cafes inside. The surroundings of the monumental pools are adorned with the names of the people who lost their lives in the attacks. It is interesting to imagine that there used to be two huge skyscrapers in the area where the pools were. The area also has a subway entrance building called Oculus, which opened in 2016 and whose architect is the Spanish Santiago Calatrava. Right across this area, after a major renovation in 2014, a shopping mall and office center called Brookfield Place, which can also be accessed through the underpass on the Oculus side, was opened. It has also become new locations for some well-known financial firm that used to reside on Wall Street. There are almost all brands you can think of in the shopping mall. There is also a Davidoff of Geneva among these stores.

11 Eylül Anıt Alanı Gece Görünüşü
Oculus Farklı Açıdan
Anıt Havuzlardan Biri
One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center Gece

Davidoff of Geneva is the name of the chain of stores where Davidoff started selling cigars and accessories, especially its own brands, a few years ago. Although now it is only the size of a small walk-in humidor, he first opened his shop with this concept at Zurich Airport. Unfortunately, the choice has decreased in terms of both accessories and cigars naturally. In short, we can see these stores as Casa del Habanos of Davidoff.

The place is inside the shopping mall and therefore indoors. When you enter, the first thing you see is the accessories of different brands, especially Davidoff, in the rows of showcases. All brands are available up to the latest model accessories. As you lose your eyes and mind from one window to the next, you see the walk-in humidor behind one of the island showcases. Actually, I noticed the humidor before my eyes caught the real tobacco leaves hanging from the ceiling of the humidor before the cigars. The tobacco leaves, which they changed every few months after the odors started to pass, gave the humidor an incredibly beautiful air and the smell of tobacco that you notice when you enter.

Vitrin 1
Vitrin 2
Vitrin 3
Vitrin 4
Vitrin 5

The humidor is filled with 4 walls of cigars from the ceiling to the floor. There are every brand you can think of, except of course the Cuban brands. But believe me among all those cigars, I don't think you will be looking anyway. The friend in charge is very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Therefore, we have a short and pleasant conversation about cigars. He talks about the cigar seminars they organize periodically. One of the most beautiful aspects of this type of shops is the seminars where the information sharing is high. Especially if these seminars are given by veterans like Hendrik Kellner or Rocky Patel, as he mentioned.

Humidorun içinden panoramik bakış

There are three TVs in the place, even if their voices are not clear, one is open to finance, one to sports and the third to a different channel. There are not many who look at televisions. In the middle of the hall, there is an island-shaped sofa that can sit back to back. The ceiling has industrial tubular lighting. It is a very relaxing environment. It's an oasis where you can relax and tidy up, especially after a long flight. The place has a capacity to accommodate approximately 30 people. It has also very good ventilation. Although there are around 14-15 people smoking with me while I smoke, there is absolutely no disturbing smoky environment. Also, there is no penetrating, disturbing odor. This is an indicator of how adequate the ventilation is.

Dükkana Giriş
Kiralık Humidorlar

Slowly, as it comes to the end of my cigar, I think it's time to eat, so the other guests finish their cigars one by one and get up. With not many newcomers, the place becomes a little more relaxed. I am leaving to eat slowly after I finish my cig. As you exit the hall, you pass on your left, next to the humidors you can rent, which looks very stylish. The hall is very nice both as a place and in terms of products, but there is no beverage or food service in the lounge. However, they do not oppose you to consume even if there is something you bring with you from the outside. While I was smoking, some even brought a whiskey bottle with him and opened it.


The opening of the area with two collapsed old buildings to the public as a monument has created an extra space for tourists who want to see Wall Street. For those who want to see Wall Street, this monument area or the Statue of Liberty in this part of the city, it is a nice place to relax afterwards. But be careful, they usually close at 20:00 on weekdays. Although it's a little early, don't worry, there are more venues in New York to go to late-night smoking cigars.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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