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La Fumoir, Ciragan Kempinski, Istanbul

You know, you always ignore what's right under your nose, when I was going with a friend the other day, it came to my mind while thinking, I treated our La Fumoir in Çırağan Kempinski a bit like a stepchild. After all, we have a place for those who actually smoke cigars.

Why did I say it's really for cigar smokers? Because for example, there is a humidor, which I learned that you can rent a place even if it is small, and that they are thinking of growing it ... Because you can choose cigars from the menu you will look at on Ipad.

Çırağan is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, maybe even the most beautiful according to taste. As such, it is also a pleasure to smoke in La Fumoir, which is established as a winter garden opening towards the pool part of the hotel. In the slightly dim space where you enter through a short corridor, a modern fireplace fire that divides the space into two symmetrically welcomes you. This fire also helps to increase the temperature of the environment in cold weather. The seating sets are made of plastic mesh, like the Cigar Room I went to in London. But you feel very comfortable with the pillows on them. Sofas and single seats are always wide, wide and comfortable. The single seats can also rotate on their own axis.

La Fumoir is covered with transparent curtains that we know from many places, which are removed in the summer, so in cold weather, you may feel like it is blowing from somewhere, even though it is adequately heated. Add to this the nkapi that opens and closes from time to time to serve hookah smokers outside, and I can say that it is a little cold depending on where you sit, but it is not very disturbing. It never happened, you can sit a little far from the door.

Going back to the menu, examples of cigars you can choose from are Hoyo de Monterey Petit Robusto 120 lira, Montecristo No.2 130 Lira and Cohiba Robusto 150 Lira. 12-year Glenlivet 60 Lira, 10-year Glenmorangie 50 Lira.

As I said, smoking at La Fumoir, which opens every day at 5 o'clock, is pleasant, but summer nights are sure to be more enjoyable. I think I'd say take the time to go soon.

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