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Habana Bar, Lausanne

No matter what anyone says, where he received the deed to the place of Turkey in terms of our country Lausanne is different, to be different. This important treaty was signed on July 24, 1923, on the shore of the Leman lake in Lausanne and in the Beau-Rivage Palace, which is used as a hotel. This structure, which is on the Swiss Cultural Heritage list, has also hosted different important treaties such as the Lausanne Treaty. Although our lesson is not History, when Lausanne is mentioned, it would not be possible to pass without sharing this information.

In order to come to our main subject, if we leave the history aside and go back today, there is another historical hotel in this small and hilly lake city of Lausanne; Hotel Lausanne Palace. Although its historical value is not as important to us as the other, this hotel where the Olympic Committee and the Presidents stay has an important value for Lausanne.

For us cigar aficionados, it comes from a place that matters. As you can imagine, this is the cigar bar inside the hotel, the Havana Bar.

Located in the center of the city, the hotel looks really nice from the outside. After all, the palace is mentioned in its name. Another advantage of its centrality is that it has a cigar shop right next to it. When you take your cigar and enter the hotel, the wide corridors and white walls inside open your heart. Immediately after you enter, it is impossible to miss the Havana Bar, which is almost in front of you. When you enter through these wide doors that open to both sides, a dim environment with plenty of leather seats welcomes you. Decoration and dim lighting immediately warm you up. When you head towards the bar, a not very big walk-in humidor draws your attention to your left. There are also rented cigar cases inside the humidor. You choose your drink, set it on the seats and then light a cigar, the bartender tells you that you have to go to the next room for a cigar and shows that we can pass through the humidor right next door.

We pass by the door next to the Humidor and go to the part where you can smoke cigars. Again, a room with its white walls greets us. Right at the entrance, there is a giant gilded mirror and opposite it, there is a seating area for about 20 people with leather seats. We sit in a very comfortable and spacious room and I order a Talisker (SFr. 22.-).

The place may sound a bit too loud due to the lack of carpet on the floors and the partially empty walls. Although it was not very full when we went, but there was still a slight hum. By the way, all of the seats in the place are single or in the form of pouffes. This is actually both an advantage and a disadvantage. For such small spaces, having single seats can make it easier to pull the seats here and there according to the number of people in the group. But again for this reason, it can be more messy than places with double or triple sofa seating groups. In my opinion, cigar places do not remove this kind of clutter much, they can be simple.

In terms of service quality, Habana Bar has not been a place where I experienced the best service, but still, the prices for such a place are not as high as we can call stakes. Above is a glass of Talisker's SFr. 22.- I wrote that. When it comes to cigars, a Partagas Lusitanias SFr. 34.-, Ramon Allones Specially Selected SFr. 16.-, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 SFr. 17.-.

Habana Bar is a place I can recommend when you go to Lausanne and want to smoke cigars in a closed and pleasant place. Its proximity to the center and shopping venues allows you to breathe a sigh of relief while shopping with your spouse.

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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