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Soho Cigar Bar, New York


The name of the famous SoHo district of New York is formed by the combination of the initial two letters of the phrase South Houston Street, which means south of Houston Street. Originally an area of ​​New York known for its galleries and shops, mainly for the art and artist world. Today, as a result of its popularity, it is a place where more popular culture chains and high-class stores are increasingly located. SoHo is also famous for its mostly cobblestone side streets and Cast Iron Architecture style buildings that emerged from the 1850s.

Eden Fine Soho Gallery.jpg

Now, I am visiting Soho Cigar Bar, which has been in the heart of this famous region for 20 years. True to its name, a true bar. I cannot say a cigar lounge. The loud music and the laughing conversations of crowded groups of friends distinguish this place from the usual and more dignified cigar halls. Not in a bad way, but different. Apart from a place where you can smoke cigars and listen to my head, it is a cigar place where you can have a pleasant time without thinking about whether we will disturb people who sit quietly and drink something with friends.


The place we visit in the evening is slightly dark and crowded. At the entrance to the right, in a high window, the existing cigars that we saw later on the table are exhibited. Again, right after the bar that we see at the entrance, it is generally a place for two people, adorned with small bar tables. The decoration is chosen in an art deco style, like America's main skyscrapers, from the candle holders on the tables. I love this style very much, it has its own attractive side to me. You choose the cigars after sitting either from the menu or, if you want to see them, by going to the showcase at the entrance. After you have said your drink, you can start enjoying.

Arka Salon.jpg

Although the place is enjoyable, it has one or two points of criticism. Unfortunately, the vents were not enough for me. Ventilation, which makes itself felt at certain intervals, can sometimes leave the environment under smoke. In fact, several times my eyes got to the point of burning. Yes, my own smoke may also have a share, but when I am not used to it more than once, I was a little uncomfortable. Also, if you intend to go for a conversation, it is a good idea to choose a different place.

When I look at the crowd of the place, there are people who come in suits after work, and more comfortably dressed people with their fingers adorned with Barış Manço-style rings sitting next to our table. A mixed crowd makes everyone feel comfortable. Everyone sitting at the bar, sitting at the tables, everyone enjoys smoking.


When you go to New York, there is usually no one who does not visit the SoHo side. Now, after touring SoHo, you know where to take a break and finish the day with both a good drink and a smoke.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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