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Cigar Room at The May Fair, London

Discovering, seeing and learning new places is one of the best parts of traveling. Although not always on business trips, being able to do this whenever you find the opportunity is perfect for relieving the stress of a busy and exhausting day. Especially if the place you go to is a place where you can smoke cigars with a whiskey or cognac, don't touch it.

During my short time in London this time, I had the chance to visit the Cigar Room inside the May Fair Hotel, more precisely on the terrace, and relax with a magnificent Cohiba Robusto.

You reach the Cigar Room, which has a capacity of about 50 people with sessions, by going up the stairs from the restaurant part of the hotel. There is not much to say about the May Fair hotel anyway. The hotel is very luxurious and makes you feel this with its visitors. When you climb the stairs and glide through the entrance designated by wooden walls, the relaxing atmosphere of the Cigar Room with its dim and purple lighting immediately welcomes you. The wooden grid walls of the terrace make you feel as if you are not on the terrace because of the dark outside and the dim environment. These wooden walls of the terrace have been replaced with metal curtains, which resemble the mesh metal armor worn by medieval soldiers. I think both materials are preferred because they can keep the heat given by the ceiling mounted heaters. Although it was cold and windy outside, the inside of the Cigar Room was still and comfortable enough to sit even in a shirt.

There is a similar part of Cigar Room where I sit on the left. A total of approximately 50 people can be seated.

Even though the single-member service may cause some delays, after all, you are not in a hurry to smoke a cigarette and go in immediately.

Once you take your place in one of the wicker chairs, white-covered gazebos or hanging, swing-style hemispheres and your order arrives, you can start enjoying yourself. I am sure that you will realize one of your best smoking memories when you add the warmth of the crispy burning fireplace to this cozy atmosphere in the dark winter nights.

If we come to the cigar and beverage menu and prices. There are almost all Habanos that are sought after in cigars. In terms of price, a Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill GBP 20 .- (TL72.-), Churchill GBP 24 .- (TL 87.-), Cohiba Behike 52 GBP 45 .- (TL 164), Robusto GBP 30.- (TL 110.-). If we talk about the drink menu, there are almost all the cognac and whiskeys you want to drink, from the most expensive to the more affordable.

When you go to London, it is a place I can recommend to relieve the fatigue of the day by smoking in a pleasant atmosphere. If you get in the way, I say try it.

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