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The Wall Street Humidor, New York City, USA

One of the nice things about business travel is that it creates the opportunity to see new places whether you want to or not. One of the hard things is that you cannot do what you want or go wherever you want, due to the programs made, when you say that it was the meeting, the meal. Again in a similar situation, I had the opportunity to visit the Wall Street Humidor at a tight time before dinner, due to its proximity.

As the name suggests, this place is close to Waĺl Street, about 15 minutes. a cigar lounge within walking distance. When you enter, you are greeted with a sweet cigar smell. On the left side of the Wal Street Humidor, which resembles a long narrow corridor, there is a safe and countertop, where almost every brand of cigars you can choose from Padron to CAO - except Cuba of course - accessories are sold, and on the right, there are seating groups and TV set. As you can imagine, all of the countertops are moistened from within. At the end of the corridor, right in front of you, there is the hummidor room where the members rented and keep their own stocks.

Before I move on to the seating groups, I buy a Padron for USD 38.- and go across the TV to watch Tiger Woods. Two minutes later, the manager of the lounge comes to me and says Golf is one of the best opportunities that America has to offer and we start the conversation. In conversation, he talks about how few good quality cigars are left on the market, as China now imports huge quantities of cigars. I also talked about how much money, as I have read, with the enrichment of China, of course, his interest in cigars is spending on growing and producing tobacco, and even devotes a very large city to it to attract tourists.

The place I went to at about 6 was quite full towards 7. Some, like me, sat with cigars, others took their stocks in the humidor room at the back. At this point, socialization, one of the beauties and main reasons of smoking in a lounge, began. Some of them already knew each other, the first ones like me were meeting the others.

The fact that it is small, takes 30-40 people sitting in my guess, and also has a simple atmosphere, resembles our neighborhood bars, which are gradually increasing in number. Wall Street Humidor is a place where people can easily meet new people and distract before going home after work. Even I met Jet Li's English teacher in that short time. As he told interesting things.

People want to be in the place where they live, from the place where they can reach and smoke so easily, whether they want to or not.

In essence, Wall Street Humidor is a place to go if you happen to be on the Wall Street side and you have time but want to smoke somewhere nearby with pleasant conversation.

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