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Churchill Cigar Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, London

Although he, the great leader Atatürk, himself Dardanelles had they then though, just simply took the hat and Oni, in his words, as one who called a hero and founder of modern Turkey, its cigars in the world, falling from mouth Churchill is a person who has taken a very rightful place with his cigar, and besides getting his own vitola named after him. Of course, when E becomes such a popular name in this field, many countries continue to be synonymous with cigar venues. Churchill Puro Lounge, inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in London, is one of the places that has chosen this route.

In fact, it would not be a lie to say that the place where I have not had the opportunity to write for a long time is right in the middle of Bond and Marble Arch tube stations and one or two parallel to Oxford Street. Its proximity to many places allows you to comfortably stop by and breathe at any time. If you want, you can reach the lounge by passing the wide corridor following the lobby of the hotel and the restaurant or by using the door that opens directly to the outside. If you use the lobby, you can enjoy a small dessert and coffee, accompanied by live music and cigars. From this point on, you start to feel the presence of Churchill from the paintings on the wall.

There are cigar smoking (outside) and non-smoking (inside) parts of the place. If you enter the hotel from the hotel, you pass by the corner fireplace first and then the humidor produced by Italian DeArt, before moving on to the cigar-smoking area. If you haven't brought your own cigar, you can go out by choosing a cigar that suits your taste, from the humidor, where the options are pretty good, including limited productions, although not too big. If you want to smoke your own cigar, you have to spend at least GBP 25, - as in most other venues.

With its door opening to one end, it is somewhat elongated, like the No.10 Lounge, but fortunately not as narrow as No.10. As soon as he left the door, they set up a statue of the young Churchill in bronze so that he would come alone and accompany those who wanted to smoke. If you sit down and try to talk to him, I don't know what they'll say, but at least you'll turn your head from time to time and meet Churchill's eye.

The place can host up to 30 guests in sitting position with its fur covered chairs. The terrace, surrounded by greenery, is heated by heaters suspended from above. The place I visited on a cold day has become a place where you can sit comfortably with heaters. If you say the heaters are not enough, there is a shawl for each guest in the place, which is pleasantly illuminated with stylish lantern-style chandeliers and branch lights hanging from the ceiling.

If you say their prices, I cannot say that they differ from other hotels in terms of both cocktail and cigar prices. You can also follow the current detailed cocktail and cigar menus on the site of the place.

With its proximity to shops, it is a place where you can also enjoy in London, leaving the ladies who have given themselves to the shopping spree alone.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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