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Jazz Bar, Kempinski Nil Hotel, Cairo

While I was reporting the article on Instagram, I said that I guess it will be an article that will please those who miss smoking cigars indoors. Indeed, the Jazz Bar in Kempinski Nile Hotel, a cigar lover friend that I had the chance to visit during my trip to Egypt, is the kind that will satisfy every cigar lover's longing to smoke indoors, with the variety of cigars it offers and the atmosphere it offers.

Jazz Bar, located at the top of the hotel, accepts guests from both outside and inside, as in every other hotel. The interior of the bar offers a relaxing atmosphere with its lighting and the furniture they use, and at the same time - although I do not consider it a rival to the Bosphorus - it offers the opportunity to smoke cigars with a superb view of the Nile. The piano played on the nights with live music greets you at the entrance, but before that, there is a menu and a humidor in the corner of the bar where you can choose your cigar and show the prices. The prices did not sound too extreme for me. Again, to give an idea, a Behike 52 EGP is offered for sale from 300.- (approx. TL 100.-), while a Vegas Robaina Belicoso EGP 240 .- (approx. TL 80 .-) is offered for sale.

One or two walls adorn the library shelves with books and other objects, which add a bit of a cozy home atmosphere to the bar. I don't know how much it can be used in a place like Egypt, but of course there is also a fireplace in the bar. The service in the bar is fast and cordial, like most luxury hotels and restaurants in Egypt. Usually they bring or offer what you may want, without asking or asking you.

Jazz Bar is not the only reason I call this hotel a cigar lover. The hotel also has a separate cigar place called Habanos Embassy Cigar Lounge, which you can use at your own events. Unfortunately, I left this lounge where private parties are held at different times, so I left with a grain of salt, but I hope next time I will have a chance to see it.

When you go to see the Pyramids, I would say you should stop by Jazz Bar, one of Cairo's favorite cigar places, to relax after a tiring touristic trip, it feels like you will not regret it.

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