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New Comer to St.James Street


London's St. James Street has been home to some of London's best cigar venues for years. When the popular places around it and the cigar places come together, its location becomes both enjoyable and very valuable. Since April this year, the street has a new resident. The Havana Cigar Exchange is located on the ground floor 1A, which used to be Dunhill. Dunhill was closed at the beginning of the pandemic period, and the store that took over during this time was reopened after being renovated. I have visited this delightful place, which I have wanted to go to since its opening, but could not go for obvious reasons, when I went to participate in the World Cigar Smoking Championship. 

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Girişten görünüm
Kabinet Humidor
Kabinet Humidor

When you first enter the place, you will be greeted by a bench where accessories are sold and seating groups. On the left is a cabinet humidor, on the right is the bar, the lounge and the section with the walk-in humidor. Everything is very clean, new and sparkling as the interior has been renovated. Since we went for the competition on Sunday, the normally closed venue was quiet. I took the opportunity and got both information and had the opportunity to take pictures comfortably.

The lounge on the right side of the counter can be separated by curtains. There is also a door that provides access to the part that leaves the bar. If that part is closed for a private organization, they also give you a place in the front. Likewise, a walk-in humidor and an entrance are available at the back from this section. The aim is not to disturb the organization, if any.

Servis Alanı ve Ön Oturma Grubu
Walk-in Humidor

In the walk-in humidor, there were a considerable number of limited production humidors as well as mass productions. Another feature that I liked about the place was the bronze plates on the floor with quotes about the cigar, placed between the parquets. The fact that they include a Turkish saying about tobacco and coffee, which once again reminded and underlined what kind of place we have in the spread of both tobacco and coffee in history; coffee and tobacco were all pleasure.


Both the size of the humidor and the variety of cigars, the adequacy of the seating and ventilation, which I believe have a little effect on the competition, and the fact that alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served make the place really preferable. Its central location is also really creamy. Staff are also knowledgeable and helpful about cigars.

If you go to London after the travel restrictions are lifted, I definitely recommend you to visit it.  

Happy smoking...

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