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Number 10 Puro Lounge

You enter Number 10 Hotel through a door like an apartment door. There is an unorthodox reception. It's more like going into an apartment building and being greeted at a desk - which is a reception - by an attendant. When you ask the No.TenCigar Lounge, you are guided through a corridor and towards a balcony, which can be considered to be larger in length rather than enlarged.

This is the No.Ten Puro terrace. A terrace that is open to use until nine o'clock in the evening due to its license. It is a very cozy place reserved for cigar lovers, with 5 mushroom warmers hanging on the top, dark rattan armchairs and light brick walls, and pictures on the walls transformed into oil paintings from photographs of celebrities. When I say hot, I mean really heat, not just the atmosphere created. Because, as soon as I sat down, an atmosphere was caught that would even take off my suit jacket. Considering that the weather outside is very windy and cold, it has been successful. The terrace is of course covered, and the side walls are covered with a wire curtain resembling a chain. Except for me, a group of only 6 people is sitting on the terrace of about 20-25 people. It's free to smoke your own cigar while you're sitting here. As can be seen from the picture, the seating groups of the terrace are partially adjacent. Those who want to sit comfortably can narrow down a little.

After 9 o'clock, the waiter invites me to the Tasting Room, this time indoors, I take my drink and my cigars and answer the invitation. When I enter the Tasting Room, which has a wall-to-wall humidor at the entrance and has a strong ventilation, I feel a little overwhelmed by the heat on the outside terrace. Again, I set up in one of the very cramped, single leather armchairs. On the wall, like the terrace, there are cigars of famous figures. At the table where I was set up, Al Capone accompanies me with me and Robert de Niro in front of me. However, Cahrlie Chaplin and Morgan Freeman were accompanied on the terrace. This place, which is slightly lighted and has leather armchairs, has a more classical feel compared to the terrace. The capacity of this place cannot be increased to exactly 15 people. Unfortunately, if you run out of seats, there is no situation where you can stand.

If you intend to smoke from the very beginning while sitting in the Tasting Room, you are sure to buy a cigar from the humidor at the entrance. However, I cannot say that the type of cigar in the humidor that I have studied a little bit satisfied me very much. In the humidor, where almost every Cuban brand is located, unfortunately there is almost no limited production or vintage cigar variety. This limits you to familiar vitolas. New world brands are almost nonexistent.

No.Ten was chosen the cigar venue of the year in 2014. I won't know what it was like at the time, but for today, it felt like a bit of a pouch decision. This place easily won an Oscar for me, it felt like a movie that was not very enjoyable while watching. Is it a bad place or not, but frankly, when I come to London, I don't think it's the first place that comes to my mind or that I would like to go back to.

If I am not looking for a place to relax and relax after visiting Madame Tussaud's while touring London, I would prefer and recommend places such as Boisdale Canary Wharf or the cigar places of Corinthia Hotel, which I wrote about before. Because what bothered me in the first place was the somewhat cramped session of this place. Human beings, at least I prefer more spacious places. Still, while you're here, I say see it and make up your own mind.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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