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Oh, if I was on that ship too ...

I am sure you have listened to this poem by the poet Ah Muhsin Ünlü in different genres from many singers. Who wouldn't want to be on a beautiful yacht to smoke your cigar or on a cruise ship going far? There is no need for such big ones, on the contrary, even if it is with a boat, there will definitely be someone who prefers to go on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Now, in addition to the above, Davidoff has another opportunity for aficionados; MS Davidoff. This boat, which can also be rented for special occasions, offers cigar lovers the opportunity to taste various Davidoff cigars accompanied by a gourmet menu while cruising like a swan on Lake Zurich. With a length of just over 27 meters, the boat, which can accommodate 150 people standing (60 seated) at a time, was purchased by Davidoff in 2007 and transformed into a floating Cigar Lounge.

Starting from March until the end of November, in addition to the 3-hour meal excursions called "Smoke on the Water", which are repeated intermittently on the boat, there are also local food excursions as Spanish night, Brazilian night or Swiss night. In fact, a special night is organized on the occasion of the Zurich Film Festival on September 29th. By the way, it is useful to remind that a cigar is included in the meal prices.

If you ever come to Switzerland, especially Zurich, where you can find the best quality of both Davidoff's and other brands of cigars, I think don't miss this opportunity to spend a calm and smoky evening on the lake.

You can find all kinds of details about the boat and its program on MS Davidoff's website. I say you definitely check it before traveling.

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