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Boisdale, Canary Wharf, London

One of the things I love to do when I go abroad for business or pleasure from time to time is to visit the cigar shops and cigar lounges where I go, if possible.

In this article, Boisdale Cigar Lounge in Canary Wharf, London, which I frequently visited during my recent London travels due to its proximity to the office. The venue has three floors, food on the first floor, a bar, cigar lounge and terrace on the second floor, a walk-in humidor, and a bar and live music on the third floor.

The place where you will be most comfortable as a cigar smoker is the second floor, where the Cuban Library and Shop, which includes the walk-in humidor and the lounge, and where you can drink your cigar in a relaxed and sunny weather on the terrace with single malt or cognac. Just before you enter the Cuban Library and Shop, the cigar lounge, and the walk-in humidor, consists of plenty of wood and leather seats. Although you can smoke cigars in this interior by law, it is forbidden to enter with your alcoholic beverages. While sipping your whiskey on the terrace, you can only go to choose your cigar by leaving what you have on your table. The options in the humidor are incredibly diverse, you can find almost anything you are looking for. It drew my attention, but there were very few options from the Davidoff series.

You can also browse the cigar accessories and humidor options in the lounge, and buy anything you need. The employees are very helpful and informative. Interestingly, although there is a currency difference, most accessories, such as Xikar, Lamborghini, St. expensive brands such as DuPont also present, they remain quite affordable prices as compared to Turkey. The last time I went there, I had my eyes on Elie Bleu in the humidors.

The venue also has a very nice and convenient member program. As you know, London is a city with a lot of people coming from outside for both business and pleasure. For this reason, there is another membership system that is affordable for those who have plenty of such travel. Members can also rent a locked humidor.

Boisdale is a very warm venue with plenty of program for both current and potential members. They always organize live music, mainly jazz, cigar and whiskey tasting days and workshops. Therefore, if you happen to be in Canary Wharf like most business travelers, I think you should definitely stop by.

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