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Plasencia Chips Its Cigars!


Unfortunately, about 2 years of our lives fell victim to a pandemic process in one way or another. Schools were closed, transportation and travel stopped, offices were closed, we were stuck at home.... life stopped. Of course, the solution to get rid of this situation was found as a vaccine. However, both the pandemic and the vaccine, which is a cure, have led to various theories. In fact, rumors spread that all these developments were revealed to control people, and that this would be done by people wearing chips together with vaccines.


While some wonder whether these theories are true or false, Plasencia has already chipped their own cigars. But it has done this more for retailers and actual end users than for its own control. Without the need to download any application, the chip you read on your iPhone or Android phone is programmed to provide you with all kinds of information about Plasencia and the cigar you hold in your hand and to prove its authenticity. You will be able to access information such as the history of Plasencia, the blend of cigars and tasting notes within seconds.

The technology currently used only in ALMA FUERTE SIXTO l HEXAGON COLORADO CLARO cigars will later be used for other cigars as well.

I had the opportunity to meet Plasencia CEO Nestor Plasencia at a tasting in London, and in the conversation we had, he talked about how he was looking for ways to combine technology from production to consumption with cigars. He explained how they were able to control fields and crops more quickly and in detail using drones. Obviously, adding chips to the cigar won't be the last technological innovation we'll see from Plasencia.

Maybe we can see a technology that can be a very valuable feature in Cuban cigars that are faked everywhere, maybe in other brands. It is a great opportunity and a leading move both to prevent counterfeit cigars, to share information specific to cigars and to gain users.

Say what?

Happy smoking...

Plasencia Çip
Plasencia Çip Yeri
Nestor Plasencia - Sağda
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