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Cigar Lovers' Own App!!!


The name Reinhard Pohorec may not sound new to some of you. He is the person who brought the world of cigars together with people from cigar manufacturers, cigar sommeliers, bloggers and magazine editors, whom he invited to the Light'em Up Lounge, which he created in the virtual environment, especially during the pandemic period. It was an invention that put the hearts and minds at ease, especially in difficult days when everyone was confined to their homes and had to smoke their cigars alone.

Reinhard now comes up with an application that we can use, Light'em Up GO, this time, after we started meeting physically a little bit and our mobility increased.

In addition to bringing cigar lovers together, the application also provides a solution to the questions of where to buy a cigar and where to smoke a cigar while traveling. By following the ambassadors, you can see the places they visited and preferred. In addition, you can get information about the organized meetings and participate in them.

In the application, I was accepted as an ambassador and started sharing the places I visited. You will be able to see it in the app in the coming days under the name of el Lector Blog.  

In these days when tobacco and tobacco products are banned and our enjoyment of cigars is restricted, this kind of application is perfect for meeting new people and discovering new places both at your location and during your travels.  

I suggest you apply from Light'em Up GO site without wasting your time. As for why the application is not in the AppStore or Play Store, these platforms do not accept applications that "encourage" tobacco consumption.

Happy smoking...

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