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Christmas is coming !!!

The weather has gotten colder, it will get colder. E, it is considered to have finished the month of November. Now, just around the corner, the New Year, which we all look forward to, will show its face again. Especially last year, even in Istanbul, the fact that New Year's Eve was profitable after a long time added a special joy to the New Year. Hopefully, this year we can have a light snowy New Year like last year.

At this time of the year, as always, most of us are the excitement of a gift. This is both the excitement of the gifts that will come to us, and the excitement of what I buy for him, whatever I buy for it. Again this year, I made a small list to help you a little bit about what you can buy for your friends or family members who are at least familiar with cigars.

When selecting a gift suggestion, both somewhat different, as well as what you can get in order to give within the borders of Turkey because I tried. I hope it will make your job a little easier.

1. Napkin Etergraph Pen

This is the number one gift of this year for me. That's why I put it first. Etergraph tip pens are in principle a never-ending pen. It is a pencil that can write like a pencil, but you can use it continuously without using a pencil sharpener. Available in fine to thick tips. But as you can see in the picture below, the cigar pen that I mentioned will add a nice elegance to your desk or wherever you want, with its own stand, beyond writing.

You can find the pen in Luksbazaar and order it in a very stylish gift wrap.

2. Lampe Berger Diffuser

It is an incredibly effective room fragrance that I have mentioned in my previous articles and against all kinds of unwanted odors at home, including smells originating from cigar smoke. Lampe Berger is one of the rare room fragrance brands that has a stand at most tobacco fairs, including IPCPR. Lampe Berger, which has a wide variety of fragrance palettes, is my favorite fragrance for me, cedar. Details also the Turkey distributor of Herend Porcelain sites you can find.

3.Tox Leather Cigar Cases

We always say "Domestic goods, property of the country, everyone should use it". Especially if the products are of a kind and quality that can be called hand-made, eye-catching. Although Tox Leather is increasing its sales network, it is not a brand that you can see on the shelves often. However, although it is domestic, we can say that it is a brand that has a lot of fans and followers, especially abroad. Although we come across with products such as bags, tablet cases and wallets, it also manufactures cigar cases suitable for the sizes of different vitolas. Completely made with handmade and custom made products to the web sites accessible and can be ordered.

4. Cigar Sense Membership

Cigar Sense is a very useful site that I started using recently and I like it more as I actually use it, offers you cigar suggestions in line with your preferences, and allows you to keep your cigar tasting notes collectively. If you take a look back at my article where I talked about Cigar Sense in detail, I am sure you will understand exactly what I am talking about. This year, gifting a cigar-lover relative to Cigar Sense as a member may be a different alternative to help them discover their own palate better and get an idea about new cigars.

5. Book, book again book

When I read and write this much about cigars, of course, I will not pass without recommending a book again in the end. There are two books I recently bought. First, it's actually a long time on the market. Playboy: The Book of Cigars. As you can guess from its name, it is a very enjoyable book. Besides the familiar history of the cigar, the history of Playboy magazine highlights the interest of the magazine with the cigar and cigar culture and of course mentions a little das Playboy cigars. The book can be easily ordered from Amazon.

The second book is called The Cuban Cigar Handbook. Although I have just begun to read the book, the book is not only the known history of cigars, but also today's Cuba, hotels, bars, rums, etc. It gives quite comprehensive and interesting information about it and again offers a very enjoyable reading. Since the book came out in 2016, it has quite new and fresh information. The book can still be ordered from Amazon.

Of course, apart from these, cuts, cigar cases, humidor and different accessories can also be considered as gifts, which will make every smoker happy. For this kind of products, due to the Turkey distributor of the brands it sells, in a reliable way that you can do shopping from the internet Tobacconist a leather look to the site.

The new year is coming with new dreams and new wishes for everyone. Besides, gifts are the joke. I hope 2017 will bring peace, health and tranquility to our country and all of us, so that you can enjoy your gifts properly.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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