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The site that appeals to your palate - Cigar Sense

We always say that smoking cigars is a different ritual that appeals to all five senses from beginning to end; A site I discovered recently provides us with very useful information on the part of the cigar we have chosen, and more importantly, that appeals to our taste buds. The name of the site is Cigar Sense.

In el Lector, you can read a few different useful articles to help you create a taste or choose cigars that suit your taste. But this site, beyond that, offers you many different alternatives to suit your taste. This both helps in your future purchases and saves you from doubt, and further helps you improve your palate. Speaking for myself, it helped me tremendously.

Of course, the site also offers you the opportunity to keep your own tasting notes, which makes your profile clearer. This increases the accuracy of the recommended cigars.

Maybe if I talk briefly about the functioning of the site, it will be clearer. The site asks you to create a profile in the first place. It makes you do this by evaluating your preferences in different flavors on a scale. According to the information and ratings you provide, it creates your profile as follows, and immediately gives you all the details of the cigars, with the recommendation cigars that are suitable for your profile in percentage.

Of course, the job doesn't stop there. Likewise, you have the chance to evaluate the cigars recommended to you. This is once again used to evaluate and improve your profile. For those wondering exactly how the system works, here are the details.

Well, what does the site provide for you besides taste. First of all, the site is an incredibly detailed source of cigars. It is a resource where you can find the details of almost all new world cigars, be it from Cuba. In the search section, even when you give only your preferred vitola, you will start a list of cigars, starting with the one that best suits your taste, and you can get the details when you click on any of them.

Finally, the part I want to mention is the Quiz sections where you can find general information about cigars and test your knowledge about the cigar world, which is a bit of fun. The articles shared are quite detailed and valuable, considering the authors. It is possible for both those who are involved in this business, and for the beginner, to learn a lot.

The site takes its reliability from its staff. Most of the contributors to the site have international Catador certification. In addition, almost all of them have a place in the cigar industry, from publishing to cigar club management.

You gain access to all content of the site for a membership fee of USD50.- per year. In addition, there are packages on a monthly basis. As I mentioned above, it affected and made me conscious. I hope it helps you to make your smoking more enjoyable.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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