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Christmas Gift List


We entered November and thank God we are leaving 2020 behind after a month. Every year passes with its bitterness and sweetness, but unfortunately, the pain of this 2020 is a little too much. Perhaps due to the current circumstances, it will not be possible to celebrate as tightly as in the past years, but at least, perhaps the following Christmas gifts will help you to please yourself, maybe your other cigar-loving friends, and to end 2020 with a sweet moment.

By the way, I recommend that you order online early due to the restrictions, as there may be a chance for couriers to get in trouble again.

1. KS Accessories

Kemal Bey's handcrafted cigar accessories, with whom I also interviewed on the blog, are taking their place in the cigar bags of more and more cigar lovers. You can read more detailed information about its products from the article on the blog. It is possible to reach him from his Instagram account to order. In addition, their products are on sale in the tobacconist store in Nişantaşı. If your path falls, you can take a closer look.

Puro Pick Paket.jpg

2. Herend Ashtray

When it comes to porcelain, Herend's place is unique for everyone. It is possible to find an ashtray for every decor and taste in Herend, where there are many ashtrays for cigars. You can reach the products at website.

3.Zippo Pure Color Underwear

Zippo has embarked on an interesting innovation this year. In addition to the gasoline drink that we all know very well, it has introduced odorless butane-fueled hot underwear to the market. Zippo, which has tried the gas market with a slightly different model before, has not been so successful in this regard, but it is quite suitable for these hot cigars, which will burn with the original click sound. Product Zippo Turkey's available on the website.

3.Cigar Chocolate

If you say let's end 2020 by eating really sweet, talking sweet and smoking sweet, Golden Chocolate Careri's handmade, cigar-shaped chocolates are just for you. These handmade chocolates, which are carefully packaged and presented like our cigars, will really win the hearts of cigar lovers with their golden cigar band and similarity. For details

Zippo Bütan İç Tekli 2.jpg
Kutu ve Tekli.png

5.Victorinox Cigar Pocket Knife

With these cigar scissor and punch models of Victorinox pocket knives, which are perfect especially for those who are interested in outdoor activities, you will no longer need to carry an extra accessory to cut cigars while camping, fishing or golfing. For product details

6.hand Casco Cigar Cutter

Almost all of us have a pocket cutter. However, the table cutter is not an accessory that I see very often because it cannot be carried. But I think it is an advantage to have it because of its eye pleasure and ease of use. You can access the product at

8.XIKAR Ashtray

If someone is equally shaking hands when they see cars and cigars, perhaps this could be one of the best gifts for that person. Shortly before leaving Turkey and also in the market for sale is made out of car wheels looking Xike cigar ashtray is a very nice Christmas gift.

9.Cigar Sense Membership

Cigar Sense is a platform that allows you to taste the new cigars you love by choosing your cigars through the algorithm it uses, based on your cigar preference profile and the tastes you have made and added to your profile. Franca Comparetto, one of the creators of the platform, is a fragrance and tasting expert. I am sure that a membership you will give as a gift from this site will make you or your friend more than happy.


I hope the list helped find some gifts. I hope 2021 will be more enjoyable and, above all, healthier than the year 2020 that we will leave behind.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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