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He got stuck and remained ...

When it comes time to smoke that particular cigar that you have been hiding because I should come and smoke it, or that you have searched everywhere and barely found it, unfortunately there is an insidious danger waiting for all of us ... CONCLUSION!

Usually, the unseen enemy that you may first be aware of during the smoking preparation and burning phase, and confirm while smoking. A problem that can occur even in the best cigars, for different reasons, and spoil our whole smoking pleasure. As we can eliminate some of the reasons, unfortunately, some of them are the kind of reasons that we cannot influence because they are ex-factory, as is the case with combustion problems. So let's look at these reasons, first of all, from the factory:


A problem that may arise due to the shortness of the fermentation phase, which is one of the most important stages in preparing tobacco for use, and not being completed. As for how it happens, we just need to remember what fermentation does to the leaf; as much as possible to minimize its off-tasting and hardening properties. In other words, to purify substances such as ammonia and tar. The short fermentation causes extra tar to remain in the leaf and this tar closes the air ducts while the cigar is burning. In addition to this obstruction, unfortunately, it also causes a bitter taste, bad burns and tar accumulation on the head. And unfortunately, this

you have no chance of getting out of the situation. You can only throw away a cigar that has been wrapped in the wrong tobacco and is clogged. Although the sources I have read in several different places mention that it will be beneficial to blow the cigar outside at regular intervals, I have not seen much benefit until this time.


Incorrect winding techniques are also one of the different causes of congestion that may occur during production. If the torcedor is not an experienced person or is on a bad day, the filling can turn the leaves together too much and create a tight auger or small knot, which will create blockage during smoking. In such a situation, I have a few general suggestions that can be made. The first is a method that will not harm the cigar too much. By rotating the cigar a little between your thumb and index fingers, you can try to figure out where the knot is and try to relax it by rotating the cigar and applying some pressure. Another method is that if you think the knot is close to the foot of the cigar, you can smoke it with a little force and relax from that point, or you can cut the cigar right after that point, which would be wasting a certain cigar. But I guess it's not a big problem to waste a little bit rather than not being able to smoke at all. A third method is to use caution.

a method that should be used. You know they'll break the ice, you can insert and remove a thin-tipped attachment like this one along the length of the cigar. This will open up an air duct and make your smoke comfortable. The risk is that since there is an obvious air duct, it can create a burning problem in the cigar called tunneling. In order not to stay in such a situation, you can take care that the apparatus you will use is not too thick. There are products currently on the market for these works, but you can even use an opened paperclip, for example.


Perfecto, Torpedo or Pyramid vitolas are very popular and preferred vitolas. However, again, if it was handled by an inexperienced Torcedor, the head could be wrapped quite tightly, again creating a blockage when smoking. In this case, you can simply apply light pressure to the head and massage it with your thumb and index fingers. If the problem is not solved, you can cut off the head a little more. Again, the point to be considered is, of course, not to cut the winding leaf until it is opened.

Now let's get to the bottlenecks caused by our mistakes:


Keeping our cigars in an environment that is too humid will cause the leaves to swell with moisture and block the airways. Therefore, it will cause us to have difficulties during smoking. If you frequently experience this problem with different brands and vitolas, it may be helpful to check the humidity of your humidor and try to reduce it by one or two percent if necessary. By the way, the lower humidity you keep the bodied cigars for this reason (again without leaving the proper humidity ranges of course) the less swelling will be. If you have time, before you smoke, you can remove excess moisture from your humidor using the dry boxing method of your cigars.


If you smoke too fast, your cigar will burn very hot. On the other hand, in the burning cigar, tar and other oils that cause bitterness will come out and block the air ducts again. Therefore, we should enjoy our cigar as calmly and slowly as possible, both in order not to spoil the taste of your cigar and not to clog it. In general, if we follow the punctual smoke rule, our risk of suffering will again decrease.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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