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Alas, the tip of my cigar burns strangely!

A nice meal, maybe a nice dessert, and a good cognac or whiskey, accompanied by a cigar that goes well with it. You burned your cigar, you started to smoke. While the conversation is just progressing, you look at it, as if one part of your cigar is still burning while the other side has never been touched by fire.

There are different reasons why your cigar burns in this way. One of these is the very rare combustion defects that are caused by manufacturing faults that are unfortunately not available to you. A poorly wrapped cigar will probably go out many times, or it will keep you busy and prevent you from enjoying the cigar because it does not burn evenly.

However, most of the reasons other than this will be due to you. As above, cigars that go out constantly and do not burn unevenly are usually cigars that have been exposed to excessive moisture for a long time. For this reason, it is useful to make sure that your cigars are kept at the proper humidity rate, be careful not to exceed 70-71% according to your humidor and cigars.

Your cigar is well wrapped and rested under suitable conditions. Then what you need to do in the first place is to behave in a way that prevents uneven burning before you start smoking your cigar. The most important of these is to cut the hat part of your cigar correctly and properly and to burn your cigar correctly. A slanted or uneven hat cut will prevent the heat from being distributed evenly inside your cigar due to uneven air flow while smoking your cigar. Exposing one side of the foot part to the fire less and the other part more while burning will also invite your cigar to burn unevenly.

When you observe that your cigar does not burn unevenly, there are a few things you can do. The first is to wait. Quality cigars are self-correcting in a short time by weight, if the uneven burning part does not exceed approximately 1 cm. If you look at the non-burning part exceeds 1cm, then it is time to take your lighter slowly. You can make the non-flammable part burn again, as if you were burning your cigar for the first time, by heating and gently smoking the fire without directly touching it. If the fire touches your cigar, it will make your cigar's taste bitter, be careful.

One thing you should pay attention to while smoking your cigar is to rotate your cigar as long as you drink it. The heat will be distributed more homogeneously inside the rotating cigar, and will especially eliminate the burning problems known as "canoeing". As is known, oxygen is required for fire to burn. Oxygen is also found mostly in the lower part of the fire, so combustion occurs faster, if you keep the low-burning part at the bottom, if the non-burning part is small, it will probably correct itself again.

Another false combustion known as "tunneling" is usually caused by improper burning in the first place, from smoking your cigar with too long intervals, or rarely by incorrect winding. This term, which comes from the word Tunnel, which means tunnel in English, describes the situation where the middle part of the cigar, like a tunnel, is faster, and the parts close to the wrapper leaf around it are heavier or do not burn at all. This will spoil the taste of your cigar and even prevent you from getting most of the flavors you need to get. In this case, all you have to do is to let go of your cigar, wait for it to go out, and cut it where the tunnel ends. Afterwards, you can continue to smoke it with pleasure by burning it correctly again.

As you can see, by paying attention to a few small points, you can make your cigar burn evenly and smoke your cigar without escaping its taste.

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