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Dry-boxing, as I call it Dry Boxing

When we talk about humid environments to store our cigars in the most appropriate conditions, where did the term dry boxing come from? Dry boxing, which I will talk about now, is a step followed before smoking, a method that attracted my attention in many places and that I started to apply a few years ago.

Dry boxing is essentially a small intermediate step you take to maximize the taste and enjoyment you can get from your cigar. They demonstrated a similar method in the meat cooking methods course I once attended. In simple terms, we can define dry box as constantly bringing our cigars kept in a "conditioned" environment closer to the air values of the environment we are going to smoke before smoking, while allowing the cigar to remove the excess moisture and fully reveal the flavors and aromas that it has to offer us.

I just mentioned above that a similar method is also demonstrated in the meat cooking course. Here, too, the process was to keep the meat, which was constantly exposed to fire and high heat during cooking, to wait for 2-3 minutes before serving, after removing it from the fire, to ensure the taste of the meat and meat. Again, the aim is to keep the meat waiting, to let it shed its excessive heat and to maximize the taste.

Let's go back to how we can make the dry box for our cigars, which requires some attention. I say it requires a little attention, because too much will dry our cigars and put us in what we call eyebrows while making eyebrows.

The method is to remove your cigar from your humidor and put it in another non-moistened box or container that you will keep for one to three days ... it's that simple. As a box, an old humidor (you no longer moisten it), a cigar box, or a plastic container or travel humidor that you still do not moisten. Keeping your cigar from the humidor in one of these containers for up to three days - some sources say for up to a week, but I don't take that risk - will allow your cigar to get rid of its excess moisture and distribute its flavor more uniformly to the leaves. Therefore, when you smoke, you will have increased pleasure and taste.

You may need to dry-box your cigars for a shorter or longer time depending on the vitola. You will see this by trying a little, but be careful not to dry it as I said. You can also find the best dry boxing time for your taste by trying the same brand and vitola cigars on different days, which you start dry boxing on the same day.

Of course, another point we should keep in mind is not to do dry boxing on the same cigars all the time. The same cigars that we constantly dry and moisturize can both crack and lose flavor. At the same time, it is not an application that can be done all the time, because I do not think that anyone has the habit of always ordering the cigars that they will smoke in the next 3 days. Still, it's a simple but effective method that you can use to get the full taste of large vitolas with lots of aroma, as I did.

You can share your dry boxing or similar experiences in the mini forum below.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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