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Swiss Champion

Our first meeting with Gabriela was in Split in the final of the World Cigar Smoking Championship. Gabriela, of Romanian origin but living in Basel, did not make it to the finals that year as the winner, but was participating in Split in 2018 to represent Switzerland as the tallest smoking female.

Gabriela, who started smoking cigars thanks to her old friend, with a bit of curiosity, expresses that she wants women to have more places in the world of cigars today. In order to contribute to this, after Split, he already came together every week and rolled up his sleeves to open a Women's Cigar Club with his friends with whom he was smoking.

Saying that men are still somewhat reserved towards women who smoke in groups, Gabriela adds, "Women who smoke cigars are unfortunately often eroticly thematized nowadays, we are trying to break that a bit."

"Something that often happens to me is that when I want to buy cigars in a new shop, I am asked what kind of cigars my husband enjoyed smoking. When I say what I want for myself, I can inevitably be surprised again." says Gabriela. A tight Cigar Journal, according to the magazine follower and that the assessment also says the cigar select cigars.

Often with friends, Gabriela loves to smoke Lancero, her favorite vitola in the cigar lounge of Les Trois Rois Hotel in Basel, and she smokes an average of 10 cigars per month. He underlines that their food, cocktails and service are good. He says that it is a must-visit place for those who want to visit Basel and smoke cigars.

Gabriela Kovacs

Talking about participating in many cigar organizations such as the World Cigar Smoking Championship and trying to arrange their holidays around the Karibik to learn more about cigars, Gabriela believes that people who smoke cigars are more open to each other and mingle faster. I ask Gabriela how she met with the Cigar Smoking Championship, where she became the Swiss Women's Champion this year; "I first learned by chance, five years ago, on a trip to Bad Ragaz with my partner at the time. I first attended that year for pleasure. However, for the contest I came across again on Facebook 3 years later, this time was specially for Bad Ragaz. This year, too, with the help of both the cigar I chose and a little damask, I became the first smoker in the women's category, and generally the second longest smoker ". Noting that the championship is cut out for cigar smokers, for the sake of human recognition and for the atmosphere, Gabriela states that she now participates in both Swiss and Split organizations every year.

Saying that she loves all cigars, Gabriela says she tries more and more of the new world cigars. He states that the cigar producers he met at the organizations did not neglect to try their cigars especially and to share ideas immediately. "After all, everything tastes good, whether it is Cuba or the new world cigar, if it is fun, it is best to smoke".

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