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Suggestions for Increasing Cigar Enjoyment

They didn't say for nothing that every stout has a heap of yoghurt. I am sure that each person has their own particular points of attention and their own rituals while smoking cigars. But in this article, I would like to make a few suggestions to increase the enjoyment you get from cigars in general, without interfering with anyone's rituals or the hustle and bustle of yoghurt. For, I believe, these suggestions will help you get more pleasure from the same smoking style as opposed to breaking your rituals.

Dry Tasting - Cold Draw

Although we think about cutting and burning the cigar we have taken, it is useful to be a little heavy. As opposed to burning it right away, taking the cigar between our lips and smoking it once or twice before burning can give us some insight into the aromas the leaves will present during smoking. Not every cigar may give off the aromas of dry taste after burning. But being able to see and understand that difference will allow you to better evaluate your cigar and thus enjoy your cigar more. Another advantage of this is that it helps you understand whether you have an adverse situation inside your cigar that could affect the air flow.

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Nasal Delivery

If you remember from other articles, I have often mentioned both the taste and the aroma of the cigar. In addition, I tried to explain the points where these differed as much as I could. Taste, you guessed it, is the feeling the smoke creates on our tongue and palate, and the aroma is the feeling it leaves in the nose and nasal passages. Unfortunately, based on the articles I have read, only 15% of the people in the world have a biological language structure that can distinguish very complex tastes. But the nose is not like that, it is the most effective organ in every human being in distinguishing nasal aromas and stimulating memory with smells. Based on this, in addition to keeping the smoke in the mouth and blowing it back, as most smokers do, giving the same smoke back through the nose will give you a better perception of the aromas the cigar should give you.

Rotate Your Cigar

I mentioned this in detail in a previous article. Rotating the cigar helps to prevent the heat from spreading evenly to the burning foot of the cigar and preventing the cigar from being able to burn, such as "canoeing". Paying attention to this issue, especially when the end is approaching, will cause you less trouble.

Rest Your Cigar

We know that cigars are like cigarettes and not something that can be smoked. On the contrary, it has its own style. This style includes not smoking too much. In fact, it makes up an important part. The reason is simple, unlike smoking, the leaves of the cigar offer us very different flavors and aromas. However, due to the high temperature, unfortunately, these flavors and aromas become bitter and create a very different taste in the cigar, which is smoked very heavily. Therefore, it is essential to rest both yourself and your cigar from time to time. The rough rule of thumb is to smoke once a minute. If we follow this rule three down, five up, your cigar will not run out quickly, and you will have minimized the risk of burning.


Enter the Reverse Direction

I used a strange phrase, but that's what you will really do. Some cigars can produce unexpected bitter flavors during smoking. This may be because of the strong smoking, that you re-light the extinguished cigar. Of course, the extinguished cigar is burned again, but if you blow it out slightly while burning it again, in order to get rid of the burnt and charred taste of the cigar's ashes, you will eliminate these bitter tastes.

Choose a Suitable Companion

Finally, increasing the enjoyment you get from your cigar is of course also by choosing a suitable drink to go with it. There is no rule that this will necessarily be alcoholic beverages. Although coffee is a well-known and beloved accompanist, tea tastings have also been held in different places recently. Of course, whiskey, cognac, rum are among the companions to choose from. The point to note here is that the companions do not have a very different profile with your cigar. The less the aromatic and flavor profiles of the cigar and your beverage suppress and support each other, the more pleasure you will get from both.

These are the things that I tried to share above, although there are simple points, in the environment of friends, almost every time I smoke a cigar, I get questions and talk about. That's why I wanted to gather them all in one place. Of course, the pleasure you get from your cigar may depend on many different points, but even considering what I have told, I am sure it will increase the pleasure you get from your cigar.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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