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Turn around daddy spin

Maybe it will be irrelevant, but the first thing that came to my mind when I gave the title was the roundabouts in traffic. As we know, roundabouts primarily aim to manage traffic at intersections not by using and stopping traffic lights, but rather, without stopping the cars coming to the intersection and therefore the traffic in any direction. As much as I say as we know, these intersections force most of the drivers of our country , probably due to the knowledge of the usage rules. For example, most of the drivers I came across, not knowing that the right of way was the vehicle inside the roundabout, always came before me without braking, or, when the vehicle in front of me was in the roundabout, not knowing that the crossing superiority was in itself, and suddenly stepped on the brakes to give way to those who wanted to enter the roundabout. . Therefore, I guess, moving away from the purpose of the event, a traffic light application has come to our country at roundabouts. In short, I think we need a little more time to solve the roundabout riddle.

The main point I want to talk about is fortunately not that complicated (!). Our topic is about how we enjoy more while smoking our cigars. Before and during smoking, enjoying a cigar is about doing things right. To briefly list the things that need to be done correctly:

1. Cut correctly

2. Burning the right way

3.How to smoke correctly

I have mentioned the first two in detail in different articles. This time, I would like to talk a little bit about the rotation technique that we should pay attention to about the third one. Why is the spinning technique important during smoking? Because the warmer air rises as it is less dense. So what does this have to do with our smoking? Let me explain ...

As you know, the taste we get from our cigar comes out when the tobacco leaf burns, and we try to get it by swirling the smoke in our mouth, WITHOUT pulling it into our lungs. So, do the flavors that we need to get from the cigar reach us with each pull? In order to achieve this, it is an important move to rotate the cigar while holding it between our thumb and index fingers. Because, as I said, the heat that will burn the leaf evenly burns the entire inner wall of the cigar during the rotation. Along with the burning, the aromas are mixed with the smoke we breathe into our mouth. So what happens if we don't return? Since the upper part of the cigar is warmer and the lower part is colder, we only mix the taste of the upper part with smoke.

In addition to this, smoking by spinning also allows us to prevent the "canoeing" problem, which we have mentioned in my previous articles, which is a crooked burning. The heat that is evenly distributed throughout the cigar prevents one side of the cigar being burned and the other side not being burned.

It is especially important to use this technique when approaching the end of the cigar. However, because the cigar is shortened, more heat is released when smoking, it burns the upper part of the cigar faster than the bottom, and unless you spin it out, the bitter taste that is usually released at the end of the cigar increases. This, in contrast to Zino Davidoff, will make those who want to smoke their cigar to the full, I guess, enjoy more in the last moments of their cigars.

Enjoy your smoke ...

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